"To Christian Homes in a time like this" by Mrs. Deborah Abimbola-Akanbi

I encourage all Christian families to use this time of compulsory 'stay at home' , to develop a deeper intimate relationship with God, your spouse and children. Use this period to build a better family altar . This time is good to have  meaningful prayer sessions with a serious study and teaching of the Word of God with every member of your family. Nurture your Spirit Man  to develop the fruits of the Spirit. Make it a habit of no breakfast without reading the Word of God and Prayer. Let the fire on your personal and family altar be burning well.

To all Single brothers and sisters,  this is the best opportunity to get connected to your creator, get yourself out of all entanglements of this age , lay all your cares and burdens at His feet, position yourself for the empowerment of Holy Spirit, for end time revival and all round settlement . Your generation is waiting for your manifestation. Don't be disturbed about marriage. Jehovah Lord will give you the best . You can't be denied of marital joy!

To all wives and mothers, please, don't give room for the manifestation of flesh. Never give devil a foothold in your home. You now have lots of people to manage - babies , adolescents, teenagers,  young adults and adults, including your husband. You have them all together at home with their different characters. Please,  don't work yourself out with anger and nagging. Carefully control yourself. Do away with shouting and yelling, so you won't break down. Avoid pronouncing negative utterances , when the children display their childish behaviour. Many of our men doesn't like this at all and so the  Spirit of God. You can't afford to lose control while putting children under control!

Moreover, let's stay safe by ensuring total cleanliness in our homes. Good hygiene is non negotiable. All precautions from the Medical Personnel must be strictly adhered to. No dressing like an old woman. Dress smartly and sweetly. Your hubby's eyes  is  opened to behold a new you!😀😍

Husbands,  you need to be very patient now than before. Dwelling with them in understanding. 1Peter 3:7. You have to ignore so many things for peace to reign. You know , you can't hangout anywhere now😀 You have to stay at home and manage the whole family with wisdom. Be deliberate to build your marriage with all the  fruits of the Holy Spirit.

We are all coming out of this season stronger! "But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint."
Isaiah 40:31 NKJV

May our lives, homes and all nations on earth enjoy the peace of God in a time like this. Amen!

Deborah Abimbola-Akanbi
Royal Home Foundation Int'l
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