Coronavirus: Between science and God, Government and the Church

By Pastor (Prof.) 'Femi Adedeji

I am forced to raise some issues in view of arguments, counter arguments and confusion concerning the present global pandemic called corona virus.

God created man; man created science and engages in evil; science and evil created corona virus. Is it God's fault, even when He allows it to punish the outrageous sins of man? The answer is No! Now, government is the driving force of science, while the church is the representative of God on earth. In the parlance of power, the spiritual determines the physical. Meanwhile in support of this assumption, many scientists take cover under one spiritual force or the other.

The government in its human efforts makes laws that affect the church which make the church feels slighted and humiliated. Meanwhile, the church has lost its spiritual legacy with God through its marriage with evil and its rebellion to Him. God now distances Himself to the church. As revealed in a prophecy, 'in most churches God says, it's only His name that is there, He Himself is there no longer'!  The church would have been superior to the government had it retained its spirituality!

In trying to halt the effects and spread of this deadly corona virus, both science and its stakeholders (government and scientists) have the primary function of researching the wayout, while the church prays and hopes in God. However, I must reaffirm that God is the final arbiter. Whatever He allows is what obtains. If He says man must suffer for the evil he engages, nobody can stop it; and if man cries for forgiveness and mercy, He may allow science to provide solution. He may also overrule and provide His own solution that would rubbish science and confound the government and its scientists.

The latter may only happen when the erring Church leaders and Prophets repent and turn back to God. Where that is absent, the government would continue to override the end time church and its blinded leaders so long as they continue in falsehood, pride, division, ritual killing, occultism, mammonism,  materialism, immorality, rebellion and hedonism. Why blame God (the unhappy Almighty) or the Government (the product of a doomed humanity)? I can only safely conclude here that the  end that was prophesied in the Bible is already here!!!
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