"When Men Slept" by Evang. Gbenga Aluko

TEXT: MATT 13:24-28

The study will be done with these outline:

• Introduction
• Background
• Foreword
• How to stay alert
• Conclusion


God made rest and the day for it being the Seventh/Sabbath day Gen 2:2.Sleeping is a form of rest that is needed to keep the body functioning effectively. Having said these, we should note that a lot of things happens in the night which includes but is not limited to the work of the enemy as highlighted in verse 28 of the text. God also visits when men sleeps physically as He did to the following:

Jacob                                  Gen 28:16
Joseph                                Gen 37:5
Pharaoh                             Gen 41:1 ff
Adam                                  Gen 2:21 (Even God had to make man sleep to remove something)
May God grant us vigilance and understanding in Jesus name.


The Gospel according to Mathew is the first book in the New Testament written by Matthew before AD 100.Jesus had started several teaching a while back which includes the chapter before that of the text (chapter 12),this continued in the referenced chapter (13),the chapter has in it several Parables which includes:

The parable of the Sower                                          vs. 1-23
      The parable of the Tares                                            vs.  24-30
      The parable of the mustard seed                             vs.   31-32
      The parable of the Leaven                                         vs.  33-35
      The Parable of the hidden treasure                         vs.  44
      The Parable of the Pearl                                             vs. 45-46
      The Parable of drawing in the net                            vs. 47-52
       Each of the parable has vital lesson(s) to teach may God help us as we study a phrase in one of the Parables.


• A blind Soldier, A mad Soldier and a sleeping Soldier even in a battle or war front (if possible to have any of them) are on fast lane to destruction but can only be saved by the limitless Grace of God. (The world is a battlefield in the realm of the Spirit although so that nobody starts fighting everyone and everything including even furniture. John 16:33,Eph 6:12)

• According to Advanced Learners Dictionary International Student’s Edition Eight Edition, sleep is to rest with eyes closed, mind and body not active. There are however two kinds of sleep: Physical sleep and Spiritual sleep. This parable is talking more about Spiritual sleep than physical.(spiritual sleep of :sin, Prayerlessness, Laziness all ungodly exhibitions)

•  Prayer is a source and preserver of good gifts/things in the same vein sleep is the source/preserver of evil gifts.

How to stay alert

 CACGHB 7 STANZA 4, 2 KINGS 5:25-26

• Pray and fast more: Prayers and fasting is not for God but for us, it helps our spiritual sensitivity and alertness. (There is a high dimension of prayer called praying in the Spirit, praying with tongues as the Holy Spirit provides utterance ).pray till: praying grace falls, till spiritual alertness descends or is sharpened.

• Holiness: Ps 24:3

• Be an addicted student and doer of the word of God. John 6:63

• Ask for grace to be alive in the Spirit at all times Matt 7:7,2king 6:17.

• Listen to and associate with anointed vessels, it sharpens spiritually. relationships either increases, limits or reduces those involved.

In the words of Jesus in Matt 26:41 children of God are admonished to watch and pray, to enjoy God, our lives as provided and promised by God 3 John 2,1 Cor 2:9 being spiritually alert is sacrosanct.


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