46th Ministers' Wives Conference: Women are created to fulfill the Scripture, not to be degraded - Pastor Oladele

By 'Gbenga Bankole

"God promised to bring the seed of the woman who would crushingly defeat Satan. Since then, the woman has been an asset in fulfilling the scripture," the General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele, has stated.

Pastor Oladele who noted this while ministering on the topic "Women as Assets in Fulfilling the Scriptures" at the just concluded 46th Ministers' Wives Conference, Ikeji 1, noted that a thorough study of the Bible brings us to the realization of how intimately women were associated with the unfolding purpose of God.

With the first woman God fashioned, according to him, there came the first promise and prophecy of His redemptive plan for mankind, saying this is because God is no respecter of persons or sex.

The Cleric said if humanity is to be purified and Christianized to a far greater extent, it is imperative to have an enlightened, spiritual womanhood.

According to him, as morals become more lax and society degenerates, God-fearing wives and mothers are more than ever vital factors in the spiritual elevation of the nation.

Pastor Oladele said since the fall, and throughout history, the woman has been treated as being greatly inferior and so enslaved and degraded accordingly, adding that but when Christ came four women featured prominently before Mary, yet Jesus came through them, this shows He came to restore women's lost glory.

"The comfort of the home, the strength of the race, the well-being of society are rooted, more than in any other human means, in the character , the principle, the love and truth of the wife and mother. Some women have won their husbands' hearts as a result of diligence while other homes have broken down for neglecting this aspect. Women are created for a purpose, to subdue the world, to have dominion and are superior to lower animals," the General Superintendent said.
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