CAC Ogo-oluwatobi District holds send-forth service for former District Superintendent

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

After three years of selfless and meritorious service, Christ Apostolic Church, Ogo-oluwatobi District, Ile-Ife, Osun state on Sunday January 13, 2018 held send-forth service for her former District Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel Olukayode Ajibade.

Pastor Ajibade was promoted by the authority of CAC Worldwide from District Superintendent to Zonal Superintendent and was transferred to CAC Ilare Zone.

The colourful ceremony was attended by some DCC and Zonal Superintendents which will include the Zonal Superintendent of Fajuyi, Pastor G.O. Nwobodo, Eleyele Zonal Superintendent, Pastor P.O. Olufemi among others.

While delivering the farewell address on behalf of the district, one of the notable ministers in Ogo-oluwatobi District, Pastor Tosin Ajayi described Pastor Ajibade and his wife Mrs. Eunice Olubunmi Ajibade as loving, devoted, dutiful, trusted, dynamic, indefatigable, attested coupled with enviable organizational ability.

“We gathered here today with great and deep mixed feelings to bid you farewell. We are delighted today that your transfer is with promotion which we have been praying for. We are grateful to God as you proceed and progress in your ministerial endeavour.

“You were sent to this District in January 2016 after an interregnum brought by unidentified circumstances when we really needed a dedicated and God-led man like you. It seems just like yesterday when you arrived with your family looking so happy, energetic, excited and ready for work, little did we know that your arrival marked the beginning of a new era of Reformation, Unity and Positive Changes in each assembly and the District at large. For the ministers, it was the beginning of good rapport, frank talks and fair play in cash and kind. We cannot overemphasize how you built cordial relationship across fences: pastor to pastor relationship, Pastor to elders relationship and church to District relationship to mention a few,” he explained.

He said that the leadership of Pastor Ajibade is with transparency, stating that he came into the District when they really needed someone like him and he is leaving it a lot better than he met it.
“Before your arrival, things had nearly fallen apart but immediately you resume duty, you started mending pillars through prayers, friendliness and undiluted word of God and so we the members started enjoying the programmes of the church. You had your ups and downs, but today we can say with certainty that your successor will have a solid framework to build upon, thanks to your Dedication, Innovations, Transparency, Prayers, Vision, Accessibility, Passion, Proactiveness, Hardworking,  Exemplary Life and so on. Without mincing words, God has used you to reform, promote and unify this District within the shortest period of time than anybody else could have done!”

“We have a proud sense of belonging and we could say with confidence that we rank as one of the best CAC assemblies and Districts in Ile Ife. You are well known by everybody you deal with the truth that is reminiscent of your speech. Your type of humility is worthy of emulation. It is very expedient for us to mention few of your numerous good achievements both in the District and Headquarters Assembly,” he noted.

He further stated that; “Professionally, you are a great preacher and pastor. You were described as a saint who is calm and well reserved even under pressure. A man of open ideas, who gives leadership to his colleagues at all times. A man who is thorough and plan his work skillfully. You are industrious, intelligent, hospitable, skillful, sociable, selfless, helpful and polite to all and sundry. Your care and concern for people can only be described as the grace of God. You are not only a good pastor but a good friend, confidant and prayer partner to all of us. Your heart to heart discussions and prayers with us on the mountains and in the valleys prove your genuine love for us. You never present yourself as a boss but as a companion who is there to make something better. Your appearance on the scene never breath threats because you are never there to bully or break anyone's spirit. You are a symbol of hope and encouragement to us. You don't speak to tell the world you are the boss but to simply ensure that the right thing is done right.”

“We don’t know why you must go but we know it won’t be the same without you. We will miss you for many reasons--your spirtiual leadership, your humility without devaluation as a servant of God, your steadfast teaching ministry and service, real life examples and stories, your love and helping hand that make our troubles easier to bear and your concern for each pastor which have all made a lasting impression upon the District, pastors and members at large.”

“All too soon, while we are still bubbling in the euphoria of what God has done through you, you have to say goodbye once again to people who truly love, honor, and respect you. Still, we thank God for your life because you have been a tremendous blessing to this District and God’s children in general. For us as Ministers of God, you remain a beacon on the mountain, a burning and a shining light, a reservoir of knowledge, an example of beauty to behold and an epistle we must continue to read for guide.”

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  1. This is a Leader worthy of emulation. If everyone DS, ZS, DCCs, and RS in this mission can labour and relate like Pastor Ajibade, CAC Mission will remain Peaceful, United and Purposeful.

    I have this testimony that The Pastorates in the 10 assemblies of CAC OGOOLUWATOBI are the most loving, united and cooperating in CAC worldwide.

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