Pastor Olaniyi urges CAC ministers to uphold church doctrine

The Coordinator, CACTS, Lagos Campus, Pastor Ayo Olaniyi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary (CACTS), Idimu Lagos Campus, Pastor Ayo Olaniyi has urged ministers of God in the mission to abide by our doctrine.

Pastor Olaniyi who noted this in an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS stated that the inability of some ministers to uphold the doctrine of the church is the cause of some of the problems we are facing today in the church.

He explained that: "we are believing God that the ministers in Christ Apostolic Church will be ministers that are true to faith and true to the doctrine of the church. There is a problem presently in the church and it is caused because we have ministers with different backgrounds and doctrinal orientations. The unfortunate thing is that rather than making the doctrine of the church a priority, they brought the doctrine of other denominations into CAC without considering what CAC stands for."

"What we are doing at the seminary is to train our students and let them know that despite the situation of several seminaries in town, what we stand for is to make pure the doctrine of the church. The doctrine of our church should be number one and whatever you have learnt somewhere will become secondary, but presently it is not so. That is why we have seen some practices in the church that are strange to CAC."

"CAC Seminary should be primary for all intending ministers because it is the only place where the doctrine of the church can be taught purely without compromise and it is the power house of the church. No other seminary will help you to train your own ministers in a way that will be situated to your doctrine."

"We are believing God that the church in its training capacity will hold the doctrine of the church as number one. We would never be satisfied until we do what we can to make sure the doctrine of the church is regarded as a sanctimonious product that everybody must see as primary and number one. "

Pastor Olaniyi urged ministers in the mission to develop themselves, saying that training should be a continuous development.

According to him, when you graduate from the seminary or higher institution you must understand that you should continue to develop yourself, adding that once you stop learning, you stop growing.


  1. True sir, our doctrine is what singles CAC out as a unique apostolic brand, hence should CAC doctrine be lost the case will be like a people with lost cultural heritage. Ministers have the core responsibility to understand, practice and uphold the doctrine of CAC this forms a key basis of their call.

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