The faith of every genuine member of CAC must be traced to our patriarchs- Pastor Gbuyiro

CAC Youth Officer, Pastor Sam Gbuyiro

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Sam Gbuyiro has said that the faith of every genuine member of CAC must be traced to Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and other patriarchs of the church.

He said that if you are a member of CAC and your faith cannot be traced to the patriarchs of the church, you are not a true member.

According to him, it is very important to look back at a time like this in order to have a reflection of the life lived by our progenitors so as to be inspired and motivated to do it like them, even better, since we are under a better dispensation than theirs.

 Pastor Gbuyiro stated this yesterday Thursday 29th March, 2018 while ministering on the topic “The Patriarch’s Faith Demonstrated by Love” at the Easter Retreat of CAC Amuwo Odofin Districts Coordinating Council (DCC), Festac Lagos.

He also stated that the best legacy is the legacy of faith and every genuine faith is a product of love, saying that when a faithlessness man died, everything about him is forgotten.

The Cleric said that our church patriarch have lived and left behind great landmarks to us by their love motivated faith that gloried God and benefitted mankind, saying that we have a lot of lessons to learn from their lives of faith.

Pastor Gbuyiro opined that part of thing we need to imitate from our patriarchs is their love and zeal for evangelism (church planting without claim of ownership), their relationship with people, their dedication and devotion, their prayer of intercession (not self-centered prayers like our own today) and their humility.

He further stated that; “The work of rescuing the perishing so much engulfed these patriarchs that they had no time for any other thing apart from evangelism and mission work. They were ready to die at any point for the sake of the gospel and the benefit of God’s people. This was why someone like Late Pastor Joshua Adeniran Medaiyese went round all the local assemblies of his time, knew all ministers and their different challenges, and travelled extensively, either trekking or going on a bicycle, and later on, an old car was made available for him to preach the gospel. What a sacrificial life!’’

“These our Patriarch would never discriminate when it came to relating with people, they gave equal attention to all. They were never tribalistic. They related well with people and treated everybody equally, both rich and poor. What a love in action!”

“They had a heart of God. God was both their passion and ultimate goal of living. There were passionate and consumed with the zeal of the Lord’s house. Their resolve was that if Christ gave His all for us, they would have nothing that they would withhold from Him and His people. No wonder they could do such great exploits. When a man’s heart is filled with God, he will go the extra miles for God and others.”

“Most of these Patriarchs had no earthly assets they left behind, even for their biological children. It was not that these Patriarchs were so poor then, they however gave almost all they had to the cause of the gospel of Christ. For instance, Apostle Babalola had about 35 people that lived in his house at a time and he was feeding them, trained them in school and trades. Most of these fathers did not build a personal house while in active service, if they had any during or after death, it was through the joint efforts of others. What a great lesson! ”


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