Ministry is not about fame or fortune, it is about being faithful- Pastor Bandele

Pastor J.T Bandele

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Great Britain Headquarters, London,  Pastor J.T Bandele has told his fellow ministers of God that ministry is not about fame or fortune, but it is about being faithful.

Pastor Bandele who stated this in one of his recent posts on Facebook entitled "I chose Faithfulness Over Famous" noted that there is no rewards for being famous but rewards awaits the faithful ones from this world to new world (heaven) to come.

He explained better that;"If God grants you fame and influence in your ministry, great. If He doesn’t, that’s great too! Not everyone is going to be a famous pastor. Not every pastor is going to have a church full of thousands of people every week. That is not the goal."

"Some pastors are called to plow the field and others are called to reap the harvest. Some are called to reach a city and others are called to reach a village.
It’s not about fame or fortune. It’s about being faithful to the work God called you to."

"Whether it is a rural church of 100 people or a mega church of 100,000, be faithful to where God has called you.This isn’t an excuse to be lazy. This isn’t an excuse for a small vision. This isn’t an excuse to not do your absolute best to reach as many people for Jesus as you possibly can. But for those of you who are doing your best and preaching faithfully in smaller towns or smaller churches, it is validation that what you are doing matters to God just as much as those in big cities or big churches."

Our perception needs to change. Many times we honor the young pastor with large big ministry, when they still have many years ahead to stay faithful. Instead, we should be honoring the old pastor that has preached faithfully for decades. Don’t fall into the fame trap. Don’t try to be anyone other than who God created you to be."

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