Fame is a flame,it is limited, but influence is for life- Pastor Olu Aina

Pastor Olu Aina

The Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Dopemu Zone, Pastor Olu Aina has said that every church came into being to improve or correct and expose new areas that have not been explored, stating that fame is a flame,it is limited, but influence is for life.

He noted that influence is not popularity and not every one that is popular is influential, adding that a church can be popular and may not be influential.

The minister of God stated this while teaching recently on the topic "Influential Church and Leadership" at the Regional Headquarters of Medayese Region, Garki Abuja.

He said we need to study some facts that make men influential and from there apply the same knowledge to the church where it is relevant.

"The singular and the ultimate reason why God made man is to have dominion on earth. God created man to be in charge. To provide leadership over other creatures. To manage the earth in place of God. The summary of it all is for man to be the greatest influence on the earth after God."

"The fall of man as a result of disobedience, destroyed human value and brought him down from his honorable and enviable position of power and dominion."

"God has not changed his plan for man. For this reason he sent Christ to redeem and restore man to his glorious position of power and dominion. At Pentecost, power came through the Holy Spirit just for man to reclaim his lost authority and dominion."

"At his valedictory service, Jesus gave a specific instruction to his followers to go into the world with the message of the kingdom...Matthew 101-10; 28:18-20;  Mark 16:15-20. Acts 1:8. Jesus was specific in his great commission message. He asked the Church to preach and to exercise dominion over all demonic powers that have ravaged the whole world with negative power."

"He that believes in me what I do will he do, greater works than these shall he do.... John 14:12 . That was the message of Jesus Christ to his disciple before he left for heaven, but it is unfortunate that today's church is far from doing what he did, not to talk of doing more than him. Satan has influenced the church with wrong ideas and motivations."

"The focus and objective of the church has changed. The spiritual church of Christ has been naturalised, this is the bane of the church. Just like what Satan did when he tempted Christ by showing him all the glory of this world and asked him to bow down to him to collect all the  good things of life. Jesus refused and rebuked Satan instead, but today's church can not resist the devil, so much corruption and carnality have dominated the church of Christ, hence the church has lost her power to influence and dominate the world. Jesus is lamenting in heaven because of the church," Pastor Aina explained.

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