INTERVIEW! Our vision is to make everyone complete comprehensive study of the Bible in less than 3years- CAC Sunday School Director, Pastor Aluko

CAC Director of Sunday School Department, Pastor S.O Aluko

Virtually every bonafide member of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide knows the unquantifiable, enviable and overwhelming contribution of the Sunday School Department to the mission. The working concordance who God put as the Director of the department is Pastor S.O Aluko.

CAC NEWS Publisher ‘Gbenga Bankole caught up with him at the just concluded General Council Meeting of the mission in Babalola Miracle International Memorial Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun state. EXCERPT !

Judging from different perspectives, for me I think the best unit or department in CAC Worldwide is the Sunday School Unit. What has been sustaining the department over the years?

I don’t know how you have chosen to rate our department as number one in the mission but I know that all glory belong to God. He is the one who knows why He set up all the departments. For your information the church is like a body broken into parts. When you look at the church, you should look at it as one and each of the department is now saddled with specific God-given responsibilities. We are in the Sunday School Department doing what God wants us to do.

The unit is founded on the word of God. Any unit or individual that depend solely on the word of God will be able to withstand every situation. We have always believed in what the Bible says. We want to talk the Bible, we want to live the Bible and expose what the Bible says.

What gave birth to the Living Water?

We are in a Generation where everybody is doing it fast. God gave us the vision to help families and individuals in this generation so that when they wake up in the morning, for those of them who do not have the opportunity to do extended bible study will have something from Heaven that will guide them for that day. And when all the teachings are added together it will guide them for the days of their lives. Living Water is something fresh from God everyday. You cannot be stronger than the content of food inside you. Food in that context means the word of God. That was how the vision came and to God be the glory for what it is today.

Is it the Sunday School Unit that chooses the yearly Sunday School theme or the authority of the church?

Everything we are doing in the Sunday School Department is holistic Bible study. You don’t break the Bible in fragment and become selective in what you do. The Bible is one broken into unit. What we do is this; like any University or institution, there is a syllabus that is tailored towards a particular end. The Sunday School Department has a desire that everybody that follows us complete the comprehensive study of the Bible under three years. We have broken the Bible into possible topics that can facilitate growth. At the end of every half of the year, we pray and God gives us three topics, these topics will be sent to the authority of the church who will also sit down to deliberate on it and pick one for us. And any topic that is chosen among the one we have recommended is part of the syllabus which we already have on ground. We don’t just pick any topic; otherwise the church will be lopsided.  We always want to ensure we balanced every year.

On one of the Whatsapp groups of CAC NEWS, some people are agitating for a centralize Bible Study Pamphlet the same way we have a centralize Sunday School Pamphlet. This is because what is being thought in the bible study classes of some of our assemblies is not up to the standard of our church. Are there plans to have a centralize bible study pamphlet? 

We have been saddled with the responsibilities of doing that. But as a student of the Bible I know it will create indulgence because some Pastors will be lazy. Whatsoever God has for an assembly maybe different from what He has for CAC at large. We will do it, but we are beginning to wonder that what are the responsibilities of Men of God in our assemblies? The authority of the church has mandated us to do it, but we believe it would have been better if is being done at the local level. For the sake of the uniformity of the church, we would do it. It is now with the ministers to do extra work to contextualize it and suite the purpose at the local level.

The 2018 Sunday School Rally will be starting next week. Kindly give us the full details of the conference.

Whenever we come for our rally we always want to touch your life as a person, we want to teach your family and your ministry. If God successfully does this for us, we will be happy. The conference is not for fun fair. It is an avenue for future ministers of God to be processed. The ministry has to do with progressive processing. However, we are in the generation whereby some people believe you can just wake up one day and beginning to preach. We believe that God will visit us and touch our lives, families and ministries.

In the Sunday School Department it is only you that is well known. Can you tell us about some other people who are working with you?

We are 27 in the department. Pastor Samuel Falade is my assistant. We have Pastor Matthew Ayeni who is the most senior man in the Yoruba setting. We have women who are wonderfully trained among us. We have readers and we have missionaries among us.

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