The Youth Fellowship as agent of change in CAC Worldwide by Kunle Adebayo

Kunle Adebayo

It is no longer a news that the much anticipated end time revival will take place in Christ Apostolic Church and going by what we are seeing and hearing about the move of the authority of both faction of the church to unite, which will bring an abrupt end to the 27 years dance of shame, the long time prophecy will soon materialize before our very eyes.

But from my personal point of view, the youth fellowship of Christ Apostolic Church of each faction, which comprises of the Church, campus and Corpers fellowship arm, have been slumbering all this while and they need to have woken up to the reality of taking up the responsibility of uniting the church long time before now as the effort of the sons of the levite with the white collars is not enough.

Record has it that the C.A.C Youth department was the coalition of the Light of the world society, C.A.C Student Association and C.A.C choir but the crisis fragmented the whole structure, which birthed the exodus of the C.A.C youth camp in Ibadan headed by Late Pastor Ogunranti and C.A.C Student Association (C.A.C.S.A) led by Pastor Arijesudade. Though it is of note that nothing can be done or achieved by the youth fellowship if the authority is not throwing their weight behind it but the question to be asked is;

Were the youth fellowship or department of both faction not blindfolded by the crisis? Is our fellowship especially the campus fellowship not following the rivalry tide of the warring leaders? What is CACYOF and CACSA doing to unite the church before now? Has there been any attempt to organize an underground joint prayer programme to this effect? Is both fellowship seeing themselves as a force to calm the raging storm or they have been swept aside by the storm?

These and other thought provoking questions should be answered adequately in other to justify the existence of youth fellowship in the church but the failure to do proper justice to these mind bulging question, will place both CACYOF and CACSA on the platform of below expectation because the Light of the world society which happens to be their bedrock fellowship was instituted on the platform of unity.

A lot of unimaginable and sullen events has bedeviled our CAC campus fellowship over the years due to this division and the youth executives of both sides are not proactive to the danger this is posing on the future of the church as a whole. The reduction in the readiness of our youth to join either CACYOF or CACSA when they gain admission into their institution of choice, which has led to the emigration of viable and exotic breeds of youth of this mission to other campus fellowship, where they are fed with fake teachings and doctrine are the evidence of this catastrophic phenomenon and to add salt to the fresh wound, I heard in 2012 a case of a situation, where CACYOF and CACSA were holding a programme on the campus at the same time, while other students were making some mockery comments about them because, they both carry CAC in their acronym. This causes some speculations among the non members of the fellowship and the question they were asking was, which side of CAC is CACYOF? Olusheye or WOSEM?, Which one is the original CAC, CACSA or CACYOF?. What a shame!

We are loosing the future of this church to other denominations and the youth, who are suppose to lead the next generation army of this mission to his battle, has been forced to leave, due to the shame of answering ridiculous questions been asked by their fellow students about the church, which personally cause tears to my eyes and the youth fellowship of each sides are not seeing anything tragic about it.

If there has been underground move by both parties( CACYOF and CACSA) over the years to end this dispute collectively, I believe CAC would have been one fold by now and the long awaited revival would have started long time ago but the good news is, they can still effect the necessary changes by capitalising on the decision of the General Executive Council and the Supreme Council to sheath their sword towards the unity of the church. They need to carry thesame process to their department and various campus fellowship. There are so many improvements and innovation the youth fellowship can effect in the midst of the whole crisis if they have one voice.

Conclusively, I challenge the youth fellowship of each faction to wake up to the responsibilities of uniting this church, as a primary assignment before anything . Let there be prayer programmes, lectures and sensitization of the youth in various campuses and youth church of all assemblies as regards the merits of our coming together as one.

I see hope in the future of CAC and the youth fellowship is the solution.


  1. This is just the beginning.... We can do better

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