Money is not moral, immoral, but amoral- Pastor Akinpelu

Pastor I.D.O Akinpelu

By Ogunsola Glory

The Assembly Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, His Fame House, Akesan Igando, Pastor I.D.O Akinpelu has said money can’t do what God can do, stating emphatically that money is not moral and not immoral but it is amoral.

The Cleric stated this yesterday Sunday 21th January 2018 while teaching on the theme “The Essence of First Fruit and Biblical How to do it” (Exodus 23:16, 19).

He said that essence is the inherent nature, true nature, significant feature of anything or idea, the basic, real nature of a thing or it’s significant.

According to him, essence of first fruit is a measure of your fear/honor for God (Proverb 3:9).

Pastor Akinpelu who stated that first fruit is the measure of your faith in God, also said that it is a  demonstration that God possession is FIRST in your heart.

The CACYOF Lagos III Coordinator further stated that it is a  demonstration that your resources is from God and for Him (Rome 11:36), adding the First Fruit and your payment is an evidence of your freedom from greed (Proverb 15:27).

He noted stated that some people give to God their leftovers.

The cleric advised the congregation to believe and trust God for overflowing increase.

According to him, money can’t do what God can do. He added that;"mammon is an evil spirit that opposes everything God says, and it tempts us to trust money instead of God."

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