A balanced Church by Olayinka Oluwalana

Just like a balanced diet is a diet that comprises  all classes of food. Likewise, a balanced church is a church whose spiritual diet comprises of all godly ingredients. These ingredients are faith, righteousness, holiness, prayer, fasting, miracles, and undiluted word of God, among others.

 It is not a gainsay that some churches thrived in some aspects and relinquished in others. Without mincing words, every Christian in Nigeria can identify churches that are distinguished for holiness, faith, prosperity, miracles etc. but if you look inside out, Christ Apostolic Church stands out, In the sense that, she nourishes her congregations with all spiritual diets. Making it a balance church.

From a larger picture, think of a church, whose foundation is in God (not a private business), one in which the Holy Ghost propagated through miracles and mighty hands through his prophets (Ayo Babalola, Babajide, Samson Akande, Timothy Obadare, Michael Adio, S.K Abiara etc). A church committed to prayers and fasting, and most importantly Holy Ghost led church… Then you know what I am talking about.

Howbeit, few churches have dented their images. They have soiled their hands through various atrocities. Some churches are known for evil media reports. Church leaders and workers have been subject in the dailies for offering thefts, sexual scandals, diversion of funds, misplaced priorities, discords etc. Some branches of our churches are not left out too.

How then do we maximize all the potential and wealth God placed in our custody? How do we redeem our image and project a new and godly look. How do we liberate ourselves from the flying false doctrine around? What should also be our disposition to this… we must be aware that we are the church. We are the one that will eliminate all the bad eggs among us. It is our collective efforts.

Prayer will solve our problems, but the truth is some of us are product of the prayer and we were raised to sanitize and restore orders. Don’t be left out in the end time armies. Expose all the works of darkness first on your knee, then second with your mouth. God bless our Church.
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