I wept over pulpit ministers in Nigeria by Daddy Francis Akinnola

Am angry tonight! Am angry against the pulpit ministers that have perverted the gospel of Christ. I'm angry with 'redeem' ministers! I'm angry with 'winners' ministers! I'm angry with all the OTHER ministers and 'ministries' whose pastors have COMMERCIALISED the gospel! I'm ANGRY with those who peddle "24-hour" 'miracles.' I'm ANGRY with those who ask you to "sow" before God can do something for you!

I'm angry with those who for twenty-five years now, have taken the true gospel away from Nigerian pulpits and have replaced it with greed-for-money gospel! I'm angry with those who mount the pulpit every Sunday with nothing to say other than money-siphoning gimmicks to 'slay' the sheep and milk them dry! I'm angry with those WHO PREACH LAW! I'm ANGRY with those who say we must KEEP our salvation with good works! May God punish you! I'm particularly angry with the Redeemed Christian Church of God tonight! Mehn? those guys have really sold LIES to christendom in this COUNTRY!

I'm ANGRY with E. A. Adeboye tonight! That guy needs a millstone tied around his neck and to be DROWNED IN THE DEPTH OF THE SEA! I'm angry with my friend, David Oyedepo, tonight! That guy is responsible for derailing the FAITH MOVEMENT in this country in 1992, apart from Adeboye's emissaries who really cut down the tree of that movement! I'm angry with Wale Oke for having been a 'willing accomplice' in the desecrating of the Gospel in this country - the same Gospel that he has previously laboured so much to PREACH in this country; I'm angry with my friend, Remi Adejumo, and his wife, Funke Felix-Adejumo for having done so much havoc to the gospel in this country; - the same gospel that Remi has so much laboured for!

 I'm ANGRY with every one of you, who have promoted WITCHCRAFT and MANIPULATION from the pulpit! If you don't repent, JUDGMENT IS COMING! I'm angry with you, Matthew Ashimolowo! - I saw that video in which you were asking people to come and give N1,000 or 1,000 USD for EACH year of the number of YEARS OF THEIR AGE! Matthew, how did you FALL SO MUCH? You used to BE BEAUTIFUL! As a pastor in the Foursquare Gospel Church, back then, you made the rest of us in the BODY OF CHRIST so PROUD OF YOU! You did your work so DILIGENTLY, preaching the TRUTH of the Gospel of Salvation; with this truth, you built the largest Foursquare Congregation in all of EUROPE! Later you started KICC, and we were so so PROUD of you, brother! But now you've joined the MERCHANTS, bá? You needed to have seen yourself in that video I mentioned! You looked PITIFULLY UGLY! Not so much in the physical sense of it, but SPIRITUALLY, ETERNALLY! You looked like someone UPON WHOM ANOTHER SPIRIT HAS COME! And, indeed, ANOTHER SPIRIT came on YOU in that meeting! Although you may not know it! I'm ANGRY with you, all of you that make merchandise of God’s PEOPLE! A number of YOU started well, but now how MUCH YOU HAVE FALLEN! I did NOT say you're no longer saved! BUT YOU'VE FALLEN! ASHIMOLOWO, you've FALLEN;! ADEBOYE, I don't even know how to CATEGORISE you! You're the GREATEST DISSERVICE to the Cause of God’s Kingdom in this country! Unfortunately, the people that have been mesmerized by you, all across this country - high and LOW alike, do not know this! THEY WORSHIP YOU! They're NOT WORSHIPPING GOD! God will ask for of this! REPENT!

To all those in this country, who, UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD, has specialised in "God will send you to America this year," instead of preaching THE CROSS AND THE RESURRECTION, I say, Woe UNTO YOU! Repent or face your ORDEAL AT THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST!

David Oyedepo! I'm BEGGING YOU! Please come back to the LORD that you once Loved! Don't get me wrong! I did not say that you're no longer saved! But, PLEASE, my dear, COME BACK to that Jesus that you once loved! This foul dance in the MARKET PLACE has lasted for too long! You're all about money now! You only "add" the name of Jesus to it to give an APPEARANCE of the gospel! But you should know you're NOT BEING REAL! We're TIRED of the drama! Please come back!

I'm SO OVERWHELMED TONIGHT, I don't know how to continue! I'm really WEEPING NOW! My generation of MINISTERS have led the Church in this country ASTRAY! And how are we ever going to CORRECT THE DAMAGE WE'VE DONE? The younger ministers (those who are NOW in their FOURTIES and FIFTIES, or close to that) have so much copied us they're even WORSE THAN US! Yes, I as a person may NOT have been a part of this mess, (and that's the reason many of YOU look down on me and despise me), but there's something called "COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY." My Generation did it! So I'm a part of it! I repent on your behalf, but what will my repentance do, without your own?

Pa Elton bequeathed something to us (my generation) in this COUNTRY! Towards the end of his life, you guys were making fun of him! Idahosa bequeathed something to us! But we have, and we are BEQUEATHING MATERIALISM to those coming after us!

Now God is using the MUCH YOUNGER ONES to chastise us (those the age of our very children) and yet you still can't see God at work!

I WARN YOU TODAY! Cleanse this MESS that you've caused! Otherwise, get SWEPT OFF when God begins to use others to CLEANSE IT!

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