Marriage is 70 percent wisdom, 30 percent spiritual- Pastor Bisi Adewale

By Oluwagbenga Bankole

A renowned marriage counselor who is also the founder of Family Booster Ministries, Pastor Bisi Adewale has said that marriage is 70 percent wisdom and 30 percent spiritual.

Pastor Bisi Adewale who said this yesterday while speaking on the topic: “Secret of Great Marriage” in Lagos at the 2017 edition of the annual Singles and Married Conference organised by Family Booster Ministries said that to have a great marriage goes beyond being spirit filled alone, saying that the wisdom of God is needed.

He noted that someone can marry the will of God for his or her life and still have turbulent marriage, if wisdom is not being applied.

He said that marriage is a covenant and until you know the secret you can’t enter into it.

“Because your parents experienced bad marriage does not mean you will have the same experience if you know the secret. It is not old age or experience that makes marriage works, but the secret. Ignorance is the major killer of marriage,” he explained.

According to him, there are four types of marriage which he enlisted as turbulent marriage, poor marriage, good marriage and great marriage.

Pastor Adewale said that turbulent marriage is a marriage that is full of beating, turmoil, hatred and disaster among others.

“Poor marriage is very close to turbulent marriage in all ramifications. Good Marriage is a marriage full of pretense. The marriage is in turbulent, but the man and woman will always pretend to the world or those who are close to them as if everything is going smoothly. Infact they will even be counseling singles or couples on marital issues, meanwhile there marriage is in chaos,” he stated.

He said that Great Marriage is a marriage full of joy, peace, romance, God’s presence, safety, hope and happiness among others.

When talking about how to build a great marriage, Pastor Adewale said; “If you want to build a great marriage, the first thing you need to do is to connect to the manufacturer of marriage. Don’t run after marriage, but run after God. There must be good beginning. Let your beginning begins in Christ so that you will not end in crisis. If you start your courtship or marriage in error, you will end up in horror. Let there be total readiness. Getting married in the will of God does not guarantee great marriage if you are not working it out. Your courtship period should be a period of prayers. You need to build the bridge. Anytime you are doing something good to your wife as a husband, you are building bridges.”

He said that as a woman you need to learn how to dress well, because the fact that your husband is born again does not mean he is blindagain.

He concluded that when a woman is young she is her husband’s mistress, when she is in her middle age, she is her husband’s mother and when she is in her old age, she is her husband’s nurse.

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