BREAKING! Jubilation at CAC Pastors' conference, as other fraction leaders paid solidarity visit


Indications have started imaging that the 27 years of unhealthy rivalry between the two fractions of the Christ Apostolic Church, the Supreme Council and General Executive Council would soon be over.

The crisis within the vibrant church started in 1990 culminating in a legal tussle.

It appears peace is eventually retuning with the solidarity visit of Supreme Council delegates to the on-going Pastors’ conference of the General Executive Council. Although before the conference, there have been various steps being taken particularly by Pastor Abraham Akinosun led fraction to make sure there is peace between the two fractions.

The Supreme Council delegates were led to the conference by Pastor Paul Obadare, the son of the famous revivalist, Late Pastor Obadare.

Pastor Paul Obadare
Pastor Paul Obadare while addressing the congregation said that this is the time for 1+1 to become 1 that is the two fractions to come together as one body.

He said that the President of their fraction, Pastor Gabriel Lagunju sent them, emphasising that all the parties must come together and become one. The delegates were received and welcome by CAC President, Pastor Abraham Akinosun.

Similarly, at the Pastors’ conference of the other fraction, Pastor Gabriel Lagunju said that; “I want to inform this gathering that within the last two months, God Himself had initiated chains of positive actions within both the Supreme Council and the General Executive Council prompting us to sit down together to genuinely propose various steps towards unification of the entire mission.”

“The representatives from each of the two councils have been meeting to propose a jointly acceptable terms of settlement which would eventually be tendered in court before a genuine unification could be achieved”.

“This is the juncture at which the prayers of genuine CAC members are needed that this latest move would not be turned upside down by the devil who had always engaged deceit and hypocrisy to nullify the former peace moves”.

“The 27 wasted years of the mission’s crisis are enough for us to seriously sit down together, consider the various damages the devil had done to the body of Christ, and think of the way forward to our glorious future. This is the only way by which Apostle Ayo Babalola and other founding fathers could be happy with our present generation in CAC.”


  1. Pastor Eyinla IfeoluwaSeptember 20, 2017 at 1:08 PM

    It is a joyful thing and it gladden our hearts to hear this, With God on our side we are moving forward. Praise the Lord

  2. Ija dopin ogun si tan... halleluyah

  3. Hallelujah ...... Victory is near...... Emi awon woli and olorun Ayodele babalola .... We perfect is work... It is tym to enjoy our God

  4. Glory be to God.The Lord will perfect his work

  5. Am so glad about this unending joyful news.
    I pray that the God of peace will continue to strengthen Our leaders in Jesus name. God will surely put Devil to shame.

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