CAC clergy urges prayer as panacea to escalating ritual killings

Prophet Kayode Adio

The District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Agbala Iyanu, Atamatase world outreach ministries, Prophet Kayode Adio, has said the spate of all forms of crimes and economic downturn in the country can only be redressed through prayers.

Speaking against the backdrop of the escalation of kidnapping and ritual killings in the country, the prophet who is holding the 20th edition of the annual Atamatase prayer congress with the theme ‘Awesome God’ in Mushin, Lagos State, said: “We need God’s intervention in this nation, because the evil acts are too much. It is only God that can stop it. The law cannot stop it; even security and law enforcement agencies cannot stop it.”

On President Muhammadu Buhari’s recovery from a long-drawn illness and return to the country recently, Adio said what the president needs from Nigerians at this time is prayers. “For a man who has served this country with all his heart from his youth till old age, he deserves all the prayers and encouragement he can get at this time he is going through a debilitating health challenge.

“It is not easy for a man of his age to undergo what has kept him out of the country for over 100 days. Though we don’t know all the full details of his illness, the toll it has taken on his physical frame tells us in and out of office, he deserves all our good wishes and prayers for his untiring service to the country.

“Our president’s illness is symbolic; if the head is sick, it means all parts of the body is sick. There is a reason God made him the leader of the country at this time. After riding into office on the hopes and aspirations of so many Nigerians, thing were beginning to take shape in the country until he began to feel sick and tired, and everything ceased for a while until the Acting President took some bold steps. We should continue to pray for him,” he said.

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