YOUTH CORNER: Understanding the Youths and their Needs (Part 3)


As we have examined the spiritual needs of youths, which Pastors especially, parents and guardians must pay attention to, there are other basic needs of the youths. The second need, based on the tripartite nature of human beings is the Emotional need.

Emotional needs: Many youths today are emotionally deserted. Many of them lack the experience of genuine love which is one of the reasons they seek love and affection combined with the fact that their hormones are hyperactive. It is not surprising that many parents, guardians and Pastors think they know their youths very well when in the actual sense know little or nothing about them. Just as youths are highly vulnerable affectionately, so they can pour out their mind to any parent, guardian or Pastor who is able to connect with them emotionally, but it is unfortunate today that many parents, guardians and Pastors feel unconcerned with the emotional needs of the youths so long they have provided all their physical needs. 

Some of these emotional needs include acceptance and social connectivity. These are undeniable emotions in youths. When no atmosphere is created for them to connect at home or in the church, they look for it in the world (in an ungodly system) where it is readily available.

Also, self-esteem and self-appearance. This can often lead to heightened anxiety and worry. The inability to cope with these emotions can manifest into emotional disorders such as depression, eating disorders and substance abuse. The youths need optimum support, attention, and appreciation to overcome their emotional challenges. This is a phase of life where they want to grow into their own unique personality which may sometimes differ from that of the parents, guardians, pastors or friends. 

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