CAC Rehoboth Assembly hosts Parental Breakthrough Summit in Willenhall, United Kingdom


Christ Apostolic Church Rehoboth Assembly has held a significant Parental Breakthrough Summit at Willenhall, United Kingdom.

Hosted by Pastor Simeon Adewunmi, the Guest Minister, Pastor Titilayo Femi Kings led the attendees to fervent prayers of the restoration of their families and homes, empowering parents to reclaim their children from the power of the enemy and fortify their future.

In his sermon, Prophet Titilayo Femi Kings opened the understanding of participants to the biblical teachings from Psalms 127:5, clarifying that having a quiver full of children does not guarantee perpetual happiness. 

He pointed out that while the birth of a child brings joy, maintaining that happiness requires vigilance due to enemies at the gate, a battle that has existed since Genesis 3:15. 

Pastor Femi Kings urged parents not to fall prey to the devil's schemes but to shield their children under the protection of the Almighty, reminding them of words of the Bible that says "the name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe."

The cleric also advised families, singles and marrie to go beyond the tradition of baby showers alone, encouraging them to engage in "prayer showers" for their children, both before and after birth. 

The summit was a profound encounter where many parents gained a deeper understanding of their children and prayed fervently for their destinies. Parents received comfort and numerous confirmations of God’s intervention during the summit.

The next stop for this word and prayer train will be Czech Republic, Germany and Nigeria. 

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