CAC Odo-Iye DCC holds joint refresher course


Cross section of people at the programme 

Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Odo-Iye Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC) in Ilesa, Osun State, recently held a joint refresher course for Ministers, Elders, and Deaconesses. 

The two-day event, themed "Spiritual Power & Gifts For the Body of Christ," took place on May 17-18, 2024, at the DCC headquarters under the leadership of Pastor A.B. Ajani, the Superintendent of the DCC.

On the first day, guest speaker Pastor E.A. Oriola from CAC Theological Seminary delivered a one-hour lecture on "Spiritual Power and Gifts for the Body of Christ." 

The lecture explored the deep meaning of spiritual gifts, their purpose, and the importance of knowing one's spiritual gifts.

The second day began with a brief prayer and worship session, followed by a two-hour lecture by Pastor O.J. Olufemi from C.A.C Latona Osogbo.

He spoke on "Church Administration in Christ Apostolic Church," covering topics such as the meaning of church, the conception and misconception of church representation, historical background of CAC Organogram, administration, and doctrine with beliefs of CAC.

In his second lecture, Pastor Olufemi discussed "Stewardship and Faithfulness in God's Service," emphasizing the need for faithfulness in church service, how to serve the Lord, and the rewards of faithfulness with life applications and biblical examples.

The program concluded with prayer, offerings, and a light refreshment.

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