CAC Aguda Zone inaugurated, Pastor Arasanyin inducted as Pioneer Superintendent


Regional Superintendent of CAC Pearce Region, Pastor S.O. Aluko administering the induction rite on the pioneer Zonal Superintendent of Aguda Zone, Pastor E.O.E. Arasanyin

By Osifuye Samuel Olamide

In a joyful and blessed gathering, the Christ Apostolic Church, Aguda Zone on Sunday, May 19, 2024, celebrated a momentous occasion that marked both the anniversary of the church and the induction of her pioneer superintendent, Pastor and Evangelist Mrs. E.O.E. Arasanyin. 

The Pearce Regional Superintendent, Pastor S. O. Aluko, conducted the induction rites on Pastor E.O.E. Arasanyin as the pioneer Superintendent of Aguda Zone and inauguration of Aguda Zone.

Symbolizing the significance of the Word of God, a new Holy Bible was presented to the newly inaugurated zone by the Amuwo Odofin DCC Superintendent, Pastor M.K. Ehinmode. Prayers for the new zonal council and the newly inducted superintendent were offered by the Akilling Regional Superintendent, Pastor E.A. Olusoko, invoking blessings and guidance for their journey ahead.

Amidst the spiritual blessings, the service was adorned with special song ministrations, skillfully rendered by the CAC Aguda Zonal Good Women, Choir and the Aguda Zonal Choir.

In the sermon titled "God's Work in Your Hands," the Pearce Regional Superintendent, Pastor S.O. Aluko reminded the congregants of their divine purpose and significance in God's plan.

 Pastor Aluko noting that "We must remember that God placed humans as the pinnacle of His creation," emphasized the fundamental truth that humans hold a special position in God's design. 

“Whatever God wasn’t going to do by Himself, He handed over to human beings. He created animals and tasked Adam to name them. And whatever name Adam gave each animal, that’s what it is called till date, without any correction made,” said Pastor Aluko.

According to the Clergy, God entrusts humans with important tasks that align with His divine will, stressing the importance of accepting one's identity as God's masterpiece before undertaking His work, recognizing the inherent value bestowed upon each individual as a creation of God.

Drawing from biblical examples, he recounted the story of Moses whose life was miraculously preserved by God during a time of great peril, illustrating God's intervention and protection over His chosen servants that they may carry out their human role in His grand plan.

Referring to Exodus 18:19ff, Pastor Aluko urged the congregation to strive for excellence in their service to God, particularly in light of the inauguration of the new CAC Aguda Zone. He emphasized the crucial role of ministers of God as discoverers and builders of destinies, shaping the path for others to fulfill their divine calling.

The Clergy urged them not to remain passive spectators but to actively engage in the tasks entrusted to them, challenging the Inductee and congregation to rise to the occasion and demonstrate their impact through diligent service.

The presence of esteemed guests, including Pearce Regional Secretary, Pastor M.D. Olatunde; Amuwo DCC Superintendent, Pastor M.K. Ehinmode; as well as other clerics under the Aguda Zone, added to the significance of the occasion.

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