Pastor Femi Kings ministers to parents, children at Parental Breakthrough Summit held in UK


By Boluwatife Oparinde

The Minister-in-Charge of Christ Apostolic Church Kingsrealm Middlesbrough, Pastor Titilayo Femi Kings, has led parents in Northampton, United Kingdom (UK) to fervent prayers of securing the destinies of their children at the Parental Breakthrough Summit Northampton, organized by the church in UK.

Speaking on the topic "Gates of My Destiny" from the texts Joel 1:1-4 and Psalms 127, the cleric explained that many seek breakthroughs in various aspects of life including finances, academic, marriage, but often neglect the need for parental breakthrough which according to him, transcends generations.

"One might have breakthroughs in any aspect but what will sustain whatever we have achieved is to be a successful parent and teach our children to be the same," he said.

He explained, citing Joel chapter 1:1-4, that many parents who do not have predecessors with successful stories, also do not know there is a need to seek for breakthrough to achieve the reality of success as parents. 

According to him, Psalms 127 highlights God's description of children and parents, saying that when God describes a child as an arrow it means that they are weapons of war.

The battlefield, according to Pastor Kings, is every junction of life where a man decides to move to another level, adding that, "every level of life is a gate unto the next and at those junctions there are enemies waiting at the gates."

"Children are therefore, our weapons of fighting those battles. This is the reason the devil is trying to stop them from being useful to us or God," he added.

As it was a fervent prayer meeting for parents and children in attendance, the event also saw the power of God in manifestation with testimonies of the healing of a man with issues with his digestive system and healing of another with a similar issue of inability to eat.

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