CAC Census 2024: Success of this exercise depends largely on you, Medaiyese Regional Superintendent tells Regional volunteer champions


Regional Superintendent of CAC Medaiyese, Pastor Gabriel Aboderin sigfying his support for CAC Census 2024  

By 'Gbenga Bankole

In preparation for Christ Apostolic Church Census 2024, the second batch of training of Regional Volunteer Champions was held on Friday, January 26, 2024 at CAC Medaiyese Regional Headquarters, Abuja.

The training was organized by the Research and Development Department of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, for Regional Census Champions - individuals who will conduct training sessions in their respective states to ensure that all volunteers are well-prepared for their roles. Participants comprises Regional Champions from Medaiyese, Adelaja, Orekoya, and Babajide Regions and volunteers within the FCT Abuja.

While the Secretary of the committee, Pastor Dr. Peter Olanrewaju introduced the participants, Pastor Michael Adetunji and Pastor Tolu-Tope Dada took the practical training session for the volunteers. 

The practical sessions included how to conduct hitch free census across the designated districts for every volunteer, and the use of the developed census application. All the questions, observations and recommendations raised by the volunteers were attended to.

 Speaking at the training, the Regional Superintendent of CAC Medaiyese Region, Pastor Gabriel Aboderin told the Regional Volunteer Champions that the success of the exercise depends largely on them, urging them to work tirelessly.

He told them the census is one of the best services they can render to God, assuring them of the prayer support of the region. 

According to Pastor Aboderin, "anybody the Lord can use, He can bless. He will surely bless you for choosing to undertake this exercise without expecting any material reward. What I know about God is that anything that is done for His name will never go unrewarded. This is one of the best services you can render to God. The success of this exercise depends largely on you. Thank you for submitting yourself to be trained for the exercise."

Pastor Aboderin stated that without adequate census, there can't be reputable distribution of the resource the Lord has given to us as a church. 

He further said that in developed nations, data collection is always an ongoing exercise on yearly basis. 

He added that; "I just returned from USA, data collections is an annual exercise out there and you have to subscribe to it, unless, you are going to find yourself where you don't expect because that will help the government to know where development is needed."

He implored the volunteers not to consider the exercise as a less important task compared to that of the nation, saying CAC has been the instrument in the hand of the Lord to reach out to those that have been forgotten and that has been the practice of our forefathers. 

"Without adequate census for the church, we can't know the total number of people we have in our church which some other churches know. This initiative by the authority is a laudable one. What has been the problem of Nigeria's census should never be our problem as we engage in the exercise. In Nigeria, tribalism and religious sentiments have been major issues affecting our nation and it shouldn't be our problem. As you engage in this exercise, you have the assurance of our prayers and we will continue to assist you in prayers because we know that the terrain you are delving into needs our prayers," Pastor Aboderin stated.

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