Nigeria will begin to witness time of relief, refreshing, comfort by June 2024, says Prophet Olu-Alo

Prophet Sam Olu Alo 

The Planter of Christ Apostolic Church(CAC), Adamimogo Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain, Prophet Sam Olu Alo has said that Nigeria will begin to witness time of relief, refreshing and comfort by June 2024.

The man of God stated that the relief will come into households and businesses adding that  pains shall be turned to glory.

Prophet Olu Alo also said that most of the people working with President Bola Tinubu are no longer sharing in his vision for Nigeria.

Speaking while delivering his new year message to Nigeria at a service held at Jesus City, Lekki/Epe Express way, Lagos on Sunday, the renowned cleric said “When I was praying about Nigeria yesterday, God told me that the President has good visions for Nigeria but the people assigned to work with him are no longer having the national interest  at heart.

“Our president must thoroughly assess those working with him and ensure that they are operating  according to the term of reference of their respective offices.

“What he president can do is to  let them give the account of their stewardship periodically and call the masses when necessary and not governors because it is the people that know the pains the generality of the citizens are experiencing.  Governor may say he is doing something and it may not really get to the people. So the people can also talk because the situation bad. I am not in the habit criticising the government but this is what God said .

“Our president should not just rely on how he knew the people as at  the time they started that they are still the same.”

On graduates unemployment in the country, he said, “All over the world, education is being celebrated and Nigerians are regretting that they went to school. It is very painful. Nigerians are destroying their certificates because of lack of job to do with it.And we say education is power but it is not in Nigeria vocation and trade is power.The certificates are not also valuable abroad, you will have to study in addition with what you have .”

He added that there are some people in this government that want things to be business as usual because they have only come into the government just to enrich themselves and they are not ready for any restructuring or reform, they have derailed from the purpose of their appointments.

Prophet Olu-Alo noted that seven months after the government came to power people keep asking when will the total turnaround happened?

“It is not that the president is not trying his best but the people around him are only pursuing their selfish interest .I am not trying to praise him and God knows because I have nothing to do with him.”

He, however, prayed that God should twart the plans of  those with such evil plot and should unseat them from their position.

“For as many that are feeling the pains of the masses, Lord be merciful to them and those that will support this president, Lord make way for them.

“As many people that does not want the success of the president, no matter how close they may be Lord expose them.

“Those that have good intentions in this government; wherever they are being positioned, Lord let it be possible for them in Jesus name

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