Pastor Joe Jacobs inducted as Superintendent of CAC Calvary DCC

Regional Superintendent of CAC Hanson Region, Pastor T.A. Gbegudu praying for the newly inducted of Superintendent of CAC Calvary DCC, Pastor Joe Jacobs 

By 'Gbenga Bankole


The Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas has inducted Pastor Joe Jacobs as the Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Calvary Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Warri, Delta State.


Pastor Joe Jacobs who was transferred from CAC Amuwo-Odofin DCC by the Church Authority was inducted by the Regional Superintendent of CAC Hanson Region, Pastor Timothy A. Gbegudu and his wife who represented the CAC Authority at the Induction Service.


Pastor Gbegudu delivered the felicitations of the Church Leadership to both CAC Calvary DCC and Pastor Joe Jacobs and his family. 


He said that he has known Pastor Joe Jacobs for a long time in CAC, describing him as a Spirit-filled, quite unassuming, multi-gifted minister of God noted for exemplary leadership especially amongst the elites of CAC.


Pastor Gbegudu said that Pastor Joe Jacobs remains a great record breaker in his former station, Amuwo-Odofin DCC where he made astounding marks throughout his tenure there, adding  that expectations from both Calvary DCC and Hanson Region of Pastor Joe Jacobs are very high.


In his exhortation from Ecclesiastes 3:1-3, the Regional Superintendent spoke on MAKING THE BEST USE OF OUR SEASON. 


He exposed that each and every one of us has a season and every season has a duration - it starts and must also end. 


The Clergyman stressed that fulfillment comes when one is sensitive and faithfully maximises the God-given season to achieve God's expectations.


According to him, while those who make the best of their seasons are fulfilled, those who carelessly waste theirs are frustrated. 


Pastor Gbegudu emphasised that for any minister of God to maximise his season, three things are needed: he must not lose focus, he must be a solution provider or problem solver and must be a minister with the heart of a shepherd-servant.


He reassured that our covenant-keeping GOD is always faithful to reward His servants who maximise their seasons to His glory.


On the part of Calvary DCC, he said that all stakeholders must seize the opportunity of the season of Pastor Joe Jacobs in their midst to maximise blessings from the LORD. 


He concluded that this wisdom should be embraced by everyone in the Church who desires true fulfillment. 


Also in attendance at the Induction Service was the former President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and his entourage. 


Pastor Oritsejafor extolled the living God of CAC. He testified and described how he was dumb from birth and how his mother would put him on the altar of CAC for deliverance for five years before he started to talk, and that till today, he can still talk! 


He also said that he has known Pastor Joe Jacobs for a long period, describing him as a true minister and servant of God with distinctions. 


Pastor Oritsejafor said that Pastor Joe Jacobs was one of his key supporters during his tenures as CAN President.


He also stressed that he is always glad to associate with Christ Apostolic Church.


Apart from ministers and their spouses especially from Calvary DCC, other very important dignitaries in attendance included the Secretary of Hanson Region, Pastor Abraham Elakhe, DCC/Zonal Superintendents, CAC Asst Director of Youth Affairs, Pastor Simeon O. Oke; National Executives of the CAC Good Women Association; Executives of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN), and the Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN).





Our highly esteemed Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria & Overseas ably represented bythe Superintendent of Hanson Region, Pastor Timothy A.Gbegudu; DCC/Zonal Superintendents and other ministers of God from our Mission and other denominations; eminent Royal Fathers; Christian Association of Nigeria, Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria; Bible Society of Nigeria; CAC Ministers’ Wives’ Fellowship, CAC Men Association, CAC Good Women Association, CAC Youth Fellowship, CAC Royal Shepherds, Friends and Vision Partners of our beloved father in the Lord, Pastor Joe Jacobs; our highly valued special guests of honor of today, gentlemen of the Press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen; all other protocols duly observed.


It gives me a historic pleasure to reveal some selected facts on the man whose induction as the Superintendent of CAC Calvary District Coordinating Council, Warri, Delta State has brought us together today from our various locations.


Pastor Sunday Joe Jacobs was born close to six decades ago at CAC Mission House, Ara-Ekiti, to his father (at his old age), who was one of the followers of the first CAC General Evangelist, the late Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola. His father was a prophet and evangelist by calling who was given to voluntary poverty, itinerant revival and crusade, deliverance programmes, evangelism and church planting; the late Prophet J. P. Jacobs who rested in the LORD in 1983. At age seven (7), little Joe lost his very caring mother, the late Mrs. PhabianI.Jacobs when she was just twenty-nine (29) years old, in 1972. This young motherless boy started his ‘training sessions’ with core challenges at such an early stage in life. He is the second born but the first son of the four (4) children of his mother, all of who were born in different ministerial fields, and all of who are as well vitally committed to the work of the ministry today.

At the age of twelve, during an evangelistic crusade by his father, the late Prophet J. P. Jacobs who spoke extensively about the divinity and power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the need to believe on Him for salvation, young Joe gave his life to Jesus Christ, and ever since then he has remained in Him. He was his father’s strong follower till the latter rested in the LORD. His ministerial preparations came in phases via the Scripture Union, Deeper Life Bible Church, Christ Apostolic Church and Foursquare Gospel Church. He is an Associate Member of the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES), the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) and the Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship (NCCF) where he was privileged to have served at their peaks. Apart from a good Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA academic), as a valedictorian, he has a first class Bachelor (B.TH) degree in Theology (Biblical Studies&Pastoral Ministries) from the famous LIFE Theological Seminary in West Africa, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Pastor Joe Jacobs has been exceptionally privileged to have a very close relationship with some reputable patriarchs in CAC. He served as an itinerant Evangelist and the Sunday School Supervisor of CAC Section I (made up of the five Eastern States of Nigeria) under Late AGS/Pastor Julius O. Anosikewho was the head of the then CAC Section (I) of Eastern Nigeria, with headquarters at CAC Idaw River, Enugu, the present Headquarters of CAC Odusona Region. Pastor Jacobs also learned from the 5th CAC General Superintendent, Late Pastor Abraham O. Ade Olutimehin, and the 2nd CAC General Evangelist, Late Prophet David OlulanaBabajide (all of blessed memory) who God used to mentor him and answer most of his probing questions on Christ Apostolic Church, and who also taught and groomed him in spiritual matters. His appointment to assist the 2nd Youth Officer of our Church, Pastor AnuOjo(in 1999) brought him closer to the central administration of our beloved Mission. He was appointed as the 3rd Youth Officer to head the Youth Department of the Church on 1st June, 2003. Officially, he reported directly to the General Superintendent of the Church. He was therefore favored to have an unobstructed link with the spiritual authorities of the Church since 1999 till date, namely, all Presidents, all General Superintendents and all General Evangelists in the persons of Pastor J.D. Obafemi (rtd), late Pastor E.H.LOlusheye, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun; Pastor Daniel O. A. Oloyertd.; Late Pastor Paul O. Bandele, rtd.; Late Pastor Michael O. Agbaje, rtd.; and our current President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele; Late Evangelist Jacob OluwatuberuAlokan, Prophet Samuel KayodeAbiara, rtd.; under whose Chairmanship of the CAC Evangelistic World Outreach Pastor Joe Jacobs also served as the Secretary for six (6) years; and our current, 5th General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji. Without doubt, these great men of God have contributed in one way or the other to his making today.

Also, Pastor Joe Jacobs has been specially honored and ennobled by God to represent the leadership of the Church in some memorable occasions both inside and outside our Mission. He was one of the major resource persons (a lecturer) during the Enhanced Leadership and Administrative Training (ELAT) program organized by the Joseph Ayo Babalola University in 2015-2016 for all Pastors in Christ Apostolic Church. He represented CAC leadership and preached at the national program of the Christian Association of Nigeria at the National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja in October 2016. He led the delegates of Pastors from CAC General Executive Council to attend the Pastors’ Conference of the CAC Supreme Council in September 2017 with the objective of peaceful reconciliation of our Church crises.He has ministered in various Conferences inside and outside Christ Apostolic Church, across the globe.  He was involved in several National Committees of the Church.Examples are, all past Committees for Duty Commencement Services, and Retirement Services of our Church leaders since 1999 till date; the  Burial Planning Committee of the 5th General Superintendent, late Pastor Ade O.A. Olutimehin which was chaired by our current President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele while he, Pastor Joe Jacobs was the Secretary; the burial of the 2nd General Evangelist, late Prophet David O. Babajide; and the historic burial of the 6th President of CAC, late Pastor Elijah H.L. Olusheye that he, Pastor Joe Jacobs was privileged to be theCommittee Chairman. Others include the defunct Uniformity Committee, Transition Committee, Committee on the Creation of Region and Appointment of Regional Superintendents where he served as the Secretary in 2017. He was also the Secretary of the CAC Centenary Celebration Committee when our Church clocked 100 years in 2018, and so on. To God be the full glory!

The ministerial assignments of this illustrious advocate of holiness and purity took him to minister in the nooks and crannies of all the geo-political regions of Nigeria both inside and outside our Mission. He is well travelled as an international and interdenominational minister of God of the 21st century unction, a true ambassador of Christ and the spiritual legacies of our Church fathers. His apostolic and prophetic teachings and word-based spiritual warfare in conferences, Radio and Television stations made him famous among the elites of the Church who see him as an encourager, a rallying point, a motivator and a mentor worth hearing today.

Evangelist Joe met his heartthrob, Sister ‘Funmi in 1993. Their beautiful courtship culminated into a holy wedlock in 1995 at CAC Olorunsogo, Mushin, Lagos.  She is a true disciple of Jesus Christ, a linguist, an author, a proof-reader/editor and an administrator by training; and a teacher, an intercessor and a spiritual singer by calling, She has four (4) gospel musical albums of global standard to her credit, as at today - all to the glory of God. Her debut spiritual prose titled “of VIRTUES and ADDITIONS” is available for sale in this Induction Service. This book is a special blessing to all aspiring youths, students, teachers, parents and counsellors. The union of this amiable couple, though full of sepulchral challenges and delays in the beginning, is today blessed with godly children. This is a proof of God’s unfailing presence with them and His constant faithfulness. Praise the LORD!

Pastor Joe Jacobs successfully directed the affairs of the most restive and militant arm of the Church, the CAC Youth Fellowship (composed of members of CAC from children to adult youths of 50 years) for fourteen years and seven months (June 1st, 2003 to December 31st, 2017). Although the larger part of this tenure was marked withour Church crises, among other things,

i.                    The LORD empowered him to unite and focus the youths and the elites of the Church on spirituality,obedience, loyalty, all-round growth and development. There was no occasion where a challenge or crisis in the Youth Fellowship got out of hand and was brought to the Church Authority for settlement.

ii.                  Apart from the annual Youth Conference, the Great Easter Retreat, the Fire Conference (Marathon, Fasting/Praying program at Ikeji-Arakeji Camp) which keep on growing and developing yearly,Pastor Joe Jacobs initiated the evergreen CAC Academic Summit (an annual gathering of our Academia/intellectual communities - lecturers and students of higher institutions of CAC affiliate in Nigeria).

iii.                As the Head of the Youth Department of the Church, the CAC Royal Shepherds started from his table.

iv.                He initiated the central feeding system to the Youth Programs and Conferences in the Church.

v.                  He led the CAC Youth Fellowship to plant many church assemblies some of which are headquarters today.

vi.                He inaugurated the Children’s Special Conference, and the CAC Sisters’ Fellowship (the Female arm of the CAC Youth Fellowship).

vii.              He also envisioned and started the CAC Youth Accommodation Project at Babalola International Miracle Camp Ground, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, Nigeria.

Exemplary leadership, prudence, resilience, generosity, moral chastity, holiness, legacies of CAC patriarchs, prophetic unction, biblical teachings and spiritual songs are his ways of life. These and more endeared him to the youths and the elites of the Church.

Pastor Joe Jacobs was redeployed to be the 4th Superintendent of CAC Amuwo-Odofin District Coordinating Council, with Headquarters in FESTAC Town, Lagos with effect from 1st January, 2018. The following are few of his astounding and verifiable achievements during his five-year tenure:

1.      The LORD used him to revive and improve all the Units of the Church, such as Workers’ Prayer meeting; District and DCC meetings/Council meetings; Sunday School, Children and Teenagers, Youth Fellowship, CAC Men Association, the Choir, the Royal Shepherds, and the CAC Good Women Association (whose Festac Assembly/Branch purchased a Toyota Coaster Bus during his tenure), and so on.

2.      It can only take the omniscient God to count the number of souls won into the Body of Christ during the period in reference. Testimonies of miracle healings and deliverances, special employment and appointments, conception and deliveries of miracle babies, business and financial breakthroughs, fulfilled overseas openings/travels, building of personal houses, superlative achievements, and so on and so forth abound – all to the glory of God.

3.      He met Amuwo-Odofin DCC in the fourth (4th) position in CAC in 2018. God did not only use him to raise the DCC to the very first position in the then Akinyele Region and then in the present Pearce Region consistently for the five-year tenure but God also used him to lift the DCC to the very enviable status of theoverall best DCC or the first (1st) position in Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas.

4.      Within the first two years of his stay, God used Him to globalize the AmuwoOdofin DCC with global viewers of all her major Services, especially at the DCC Headquarters, thereby edifying larger audience.

5.      In the area of Church planting and development, CAC Divine Success (Festac District) was planted during his tenure. The following Churches were also helped to get their permanent, landed properties:

i.                    CAC Peace Assembly (Festac District)

ii.                  CAC OjoAwori District Headquarters

iii.                CAC Tongue of Fire (under Miracle District). These were apart from others who got one aid or another under his administration.

6.      God Almighty worked with Pastor Joe Jacobs so much that within five years, that by 2022Amuwo-Odofin DCC has grown and developed into a very large macrocosm capable of producing at least six(6) Zones (going by the requirements of CAC Authority), even though he created only two Zones before his transfer: Aguda and Ajangbadi Zones.

7.      Pastor F.F. Daramola, a District Superintendent under him was promoted as Zonal Superintendent (Oshodi Zonal Supt). Also during his tenure, the following were facilitated to become Zonal Superintendents whose status were approved shortly after his transfer to Calvary DCC: Pastor Emmanuel O. Arasanyin (Aguda Zonal Supt); and Pastor Michael O. Bamise (Ajangbadi Zonal Supt), all in Pearce Region.

8.      Pastor Joe Jacobs also facilitated the creation of the following Districts and the promotion of Pastors in Amuwo-Odofin DCC as their District Superintendents:

i.                    Grace District, DS/Pastor G. B. Adeleke

ii.                   Power District, DS/Pastor OluwapemiDayo

iii.                Awori District, DS/Pastor OpawoleIdowu

iv.                Mebamu District, DS/Pastor Ayeni Samuel

v.                  Araromi District, DS/Pastor Odebunmi E.

vi.                MercyLand District, DS/Pastor Anjorin Samuel

9.      During the stay of Pastor Joe Jacobs in Amuwo-Odofin DCC, sixteen (16) qualified and well-deserving persons were recommended and ordained by CAC Authority as Pastors apart from those who were trained and empowered as full-time Evangelists in CAC. Also, seventy (70) giftedmembers/workers wereconsecrated as Deacons/Deaconesses according to Philippians 1:1 and I Timothy 3:8-13. This was done only after they were discovered, interviewed, selected, and properly trained for their spiritual assignments.

10.  In CAC Festac Town where Pastor Joe Jacobs was the Assembly Pastor,

i.                    He initiated and established the ever growing St Joseph Teenagers’ Church

ii.                  A Vision Partner (Engr. Sam OlatundeAbiola) was used of God to install a modern, digital pipe organ, and to reconstruct the Choir’s and Elders’ stands of the Church.

iii.                The Zero-To-Hero Foundation instituted by Pastor Joe Jacobs empowered close to thirty (30) self-sustaining entrepreneurs (some of who are now employers of labor)

iv.                His administration got a well befitting official car for the senior Pastor (Mercedes-Benz GL4504matic)

v.                  The Good Women Association also purchased their long-term dream Toyota Coaster Bus.

vi.                His administration reconstructed and roofed the very large open veranda space in front of the Children’s Church for multipurpose use; and also renovated the CAC Nursery and Primary School.

vii.              The English Assembly was transformed, that is, renovated and reequipped with modern, AC compatible windows and doors, studio room, Public Address and Media Systems. The Altar of the Cathedral Church was well equipped with modern, executive pastoral chairs. Likewise, the general toilets for males and females were renovated and made modern. The DCC Superintendent’s and workers’ offices were refurbished and well equipped, and so on and so forth, all to the glory of God.

This Prophet of God whose induction service has brought all us together here today, is very relevant in both the Christian Association of Nigeria, the Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, the Bible Society of Nigeria and other Christian Organizations. He is a member of the CAC General Executive Council. He is a Board Member of the CAC Staff Welfare Saving Scheme. He is the current Chairman of CAC GEC Committee of Good Women Association, Nigeria and Overseas. He also is the current Chairman of CAC General Secretariat Workers’ Credit and Investment Cooperative Society Ltd., and so on, all to the glory of God.

Pastor Joe Jacobs was transferred to Calvary DCC with effect from 15th February, 2023. The expectation of this Calvary DCC of him has remained very high.Today, Sunday 17 December, 2023, it is a rare privilege for me therefore, to present to our beloved Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas for his induction as the substantive Superintendent of CAC Calvary District Coordinating Council, Warri, Delta State, a quite unassuming disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, a child of many prayers, our beloved and lovable brother, an erudite scholar, a consistent and eloquent apologist of spiritual apostolicity and legacies of our Church patriarchs, a seasoned church administrator, a pungent preacher, a fearless soldier in the army of Christ Jesus, the anointed prophet of the living GOD, a husband of only one wife, a dedicated shepherd, a selfless servant and scenario builder for holiness, a total loyalist to the leadership of our Mission at all seasons, a generous philanthropist, a meticulous and diligent divider of the word of life, a marriage therapist,  a Christian writer and singer, a proactive and progressive minded, untiring and peace-loving elite and a multipurpose gift of God to our generation, Pastor Joe Sunday JACOBS.

Photo Speaks !


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