CAC Araromi DCC holds retirement service for Pastor Agbabiaka


It was a day of divine fulfillment for Pastor (Dr.) J. Olu Agbabiaka on Sunday December 16, 2023 as Christ Apostolic Church, Araromi Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Osogbo, Osun State held retirement service for him. 

Pastor Agbabiaka who was transferred from Apapa DCC, Lagos to Araromi DCC in 2018 finally retired after 55 years of kingdom exploit.

The celebration of God's faithfulness in the life and ministry of Pastor Agbabiaka and his wife had in attendance family, friends and well wishes. 

Among the notable personalities in attendance are the retired Regional Superintendent of CAC Babajide Region, Pastor M.A. Ogundeji, Regional Superintendent of Orogun Regional, Pastor E.S. Famuyide, Regional Superintendent of Odubanjo Region, Pastor B.O. Akanmi, Isokun DCC Superintendent, Pastor T. A Adesoji, Oke Osun DCC Superintendent, Pastor E.O. Alalade who gave the message of the day and many others. 

Araromi DCC to the amazement of Pastor Agbabiaka presented him Toyota Camry XLE as a gift.



It was on that beautiful day of the 24" of December, 1948 that a bouncing baby boy was born into the family of Pa. Joshua Idowu Agbabiaka and Mama Abigael Aina Agbablaka both of blessed memory. The baby boy was born into Alagunrunji Compound at Ikiran street in that great Evangelistic and Gospel town known as Efon Alaye in Ekiti State.

On the eighth day, the then baby and now a great and highly respected man of God was christened and named Joseph Oluwasegun Oluwadare Agbabiaka. He was born into a devout christian family.

He grew up with the likes of Kayode Gboluwaga of the same compound and town whose father was one of the followers and trainees of our great father-Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.


He started his elementary education at CAC St Stephen's Primary School, Erekesan street, Efon Alaye in the year 1956. After two years, he was withdrawn from the school by our great father in the Lord (Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola) on the instruction of the Almighty God. In January 1958, he continued with his Primary Education at CAC School, Olugbode, Ibadan.

He was again withdrawn from Olugbode and moved to CAC Primary School, Alagbagba via Abeokuta. There was reason again to move him to CAC Pry School Olowode, Igbo Elerin, Ibadan where he eventually completed his Primary Education in the year 1962. For his secondary education, he was admitted into CAC Secondary Modern School, Ondo, in Ondo state in January, 1963 and completed the modern three certificate course in December, 1965. It was at this time that his guardian and father in the Lord in person of the late Pastor (Oba) I.B. Akinyele (Olubadan of Ibadan) passed on. This development forced him to leave Ondo town and returned to Ibadan.

On arrival back to Ibadan in 1965, because of his academic brilliance and academic thirst, he enrolled again at Okebadan Grammar School, Ibadan for further secondary education in the year 1966 and 1967. It is also on record that he attended Origbo Community Grammar School, Ipetunmodu. In all primary and secondary schools attended, he demonstrated profound commitment to intellectual growth and excellence. This has been attested to by available records and information.


He started his first ministerial training known at that time as TULE under the tutelage of Baba/Pastor 1.5.8 Odusona in 1965 at Ibadan. Thereafter and while serving in various stations, he equally had the opportunity of other theological.

(a) CAC Bible Training Centre (BTC) at Efon Alaye under the leadership of Mama Pearse between 1971 and 1972

(b) Enhanced Leadership Advanced Training (ELAT) at Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji in 2014. (c)

International Bible Training Institute (1811) Burgess Hill, Sussex, England between 1980 and 1982.


It was at the early part of his life (as a young boy) that our great father in the Lord (Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola) first prophesied and delivered the Lord is message to him and his parents that the young Agbabiaka had the call of God upon his life.

On arrival back to Ibadan from Ondo town, as a result of God's call upon his life, he was taken to our late father Pastor J.S.B. Odusona to begin his ministerial training known as TULE in compliance with the Lord's directive through Oba I.B. Akinyele-the then Olubadan of Ibadan.

In January 1968, Pastor J.S.B. Odusona (his trainer and mentor) prayed, released and graduated him from the ministerial tutelage then known as TULE. Sequel to this, he was posted by our father Pastor/Prophet Akinade (a.k.a Budale) as a catechist to his first ministerial station at Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Ayo, Olodo, Ibadan in the same year 1968. From here to lle ife through the efforts of our former President Baba/Pastor E. T Latunde and late Pastor P.O. Agbabiaka of blessed memory who transferred him to CAC More briefly as children teacher.

Details of his ministerial services, record and career included the following:

1. CAC, Oke Ayo, Olodo-Ibadan - 1/1/1968-December 1972

2..CAC, Evangelism Field - January 1973-December 1973

3. CAC, Bakun, Ipetunmodu - 1974-1976

4. CAC, Talafia, Ede - 1977-1978

5. CAC, Zaria DCC Headquarters - January 1979-May 1979

6 CAC, Oke Anu Agbogo-Oke, Ondo Town - June 1979 --Sept 1980

7. CAC, Stoke newton, London - October 1980-October 1982

While at this station, he combined his Gospel service with studies at the International Bible Training Institute (IBTI) Burgess Hill, Sussex, England.

8. CAC, Araromi, Osogbo (As Pastor) -November 1982-October, 1983

9. CAC, Oke Irapada, Osogbo (As Pastor) - January 1984-October 1984

After fifteen (15) years of meritorious service as TULE and Catchiest, he was found worthy and qualified in his ministerial service, the then authority for upgrading and elevation of Christ Apostolic Church anointed and ordained him as a Pastor at Christ Apostolic Church, Okesa, llesa on the 25 day of September, 1983.

10. CAC, Owu lkija, ljebu Ode (As Pastor) - November 1984-December, 1985

11. CAC, Agbala itura, Ibadan (As Pastor) - 1986-1989

12. CAC, Athens, Republic of Greece (As Pastor) - 1990-1994

13. CAC, Oke Irapada, Osogbo (As Pastor) - January 1995-December 1995

14. CAC, Oke Ayo, Olonde Street, Ikirun (As DS) - January 1996-May 1998

15. CAC, Ajewole District, Osogbo (As DS & AGS) - June 1998 - June 2000

16. CAC, Mission Field in South Africa, Zimbabwe & Madagascar July 2000 - June, 2003

17. CAC, Durumi Jos (As Dist Supt) and CAC Bukuru Zone as Zonal Supt in Jos South - July 2003 to May 2010

18. CAC, Apapa as DCC Superintendent and as midwives Co-ordinator for Lagos State - June, 2010 to December, 2017

19. CAC, Araromi DCC, Osogbo (As DCC Supt) - Jan 2018 to December 2023

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