CAC President admonishes Christians on evangelism, says God will hold us responsible for things we fail to do in our generation

CAC President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele 

By 'Gbenga Bankole 

A call has gone to Christians across the globe to go all out and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele who stated this last week at the second edition of Special Lagos Island Outreach Service organised by CAC The Worship Centre, held at The Muson Centre, Lagos, said God will hold all Christians responsible for what we have failed to do in our generation.

Ministering on the topic "Arise and Shine" from the text, Isaiah 60 verse 1 to 3, Pastor Oladele said the passage is one of the most misplaced scripture quoted in this generation, saying it has nothing to do with material blessings of this world. 

He added that it has nothing to do with having a fat bank account, rather, a call to duty to arise and shine to save souls, adding that on the last day some people will be judged not because of what they did, but because of what they didn't do. 

"Every person in every generation has the right to hear about the saving grace of Christ. Every Christian should be able to say to God that 'here I am, send me.'  We are to arise and shine by telling people about Christ. We can't be blamed for past generation or next generation, but our generation. God will hold us responsible for what we failed to do in our generation," he stated.

While explaining further on Isaiah 60 verse 1 to 3, the Clergyman said the passage comprises three major things: the fact, summons and promise.

Expatiating on the 'the fact', Pastor Oladele noted that the fact is that the world is in darkness, saying that there two classes or camp of people in the world: the camp of the Egyptian and camp of Israelites. 

He said while the Israelites were brazing in the light (Exodus 14), the Egyptian were cured in darkness, adding that; "the church represents the Israelites. We are the light of the world. The church has the light, the world has the darkness. And that is why we have to be committed to evangelism."

"The world is in darkness despite her level of formal education. Give man education, all what he will become is an educated sinner. Give man exposure, all what he will become is an exposed sinner. What the world has is precious fragment of truth, but package with lies. Scientists having discovered many things, don't believe there is God. United Nations canvass for fundamental human rights which is good, but they allow gay marriage. The world can't give what man needs which can only be found at the Calvary. As men and women of God, we need to realize that there are only two camps, the Egyptians and the Israelites. If we do not see the world in the face of God, we know nothing about evangelism," he stated.

Speaking on 'summons' (Isaiah 60 verse 1 to 3), Pastor Oladele said; "since we Christians are the light, we are called upon to arise and shine. This is because our light has come, we can't keep quiet. We were told that the population of the world is 8 billion and of all this number, how many of them are heaven bound? How many of them know the truth? How many of them have the light? How many of them have their names written in the book of life?  You can't keep quiet when you know the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our salvation. Christ has given us the ministry of reconciliation to go out and talk about His kingdom to the world. If we don't do it nobody will do it. We are His hand and His feet and that is why we have to commit whatever He has blessed us with to see that we bring His kingdom into this world."

"We need to commit whatever He has blessed us with to the work of evangelism. If the Lord has blessed and decorated you it shouldn't be for nothing, it should be for shining for Him. Some Christians are fond of hiding their lights under the bed of indolence, ease, pleasure etc. The world is full of darkness and the church is the Light. The Bible says we should arise and shine the light and when we do that the gentiles will come to your light," the cleric said.

Having explained 'the fact' and 'summons', the President said 'the promise' is that as Christians, the efforts shall not be in vein. 

Pastor Oladele commended CAC The Worship for the great initiative, saying, "thank you so much for doing something and the Lord will reward you in Jesus' name."

Speaking on the programme in an exclusive chat with CAC News, the Zonal Superintendent of CAC The Worship Centre, Pastor Seyi Adeyemi said, the host church has successfully aligned with the three main agenda of the current church leadership.

In furtherance to these spirit-inspired agenda, he said the TWC has taken the initiative of repositioning Christ Apostolic Church brand amongst High Networt Individuals (HNI) and Corporate Nigeria in Lagos where the Apostolic fire also need to be felt. 

He revealed that a series of special Evangelical Services will hold on Lagos Island, at the Muson Centre, targeted at reaching sons and daughters of CAC as well as those yearning for true Apostolic experience living around the Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki axis. 

"There is currently very little, if any, Christ Apostolic Church presence around this axis giving CAC members and potential members a leeway to other assemblies. These Special Services will hold on one designated Sunday each month beginning from October to December 2023. Each of the Services will be led by the President of Christ Apostolic Church (Nigeria and Overseas), Pastor S.O. Oladele. It is intended that these series of services and other activities will lead to the establishment of Christ Apostolic Church, TWC Branches within the Victoria Island-Ikoyi-Lekki Phase 1 axis. This will be anchored by CAC - The Worship Centre," he stated.

On where the assembly will be planted, Pastor Adeyemi said CAC The Worship Centre is in the process of getting a suitable location within the VI-Ikoyi-Lekki axis, adding that; " the specific location will be determined as soon as we secure a place. We’re trusting the Lord for this. We’re hopeful that we would secure a place to start the assembly by quarter 1, 2024."

On what inspired the vision, the Clergyman said the vision is inspired by our desire to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus which is one of the key priorities of CAC TWC. 

He added that; "more importantly is the desire to position CAC in the space not yet occupied with the true apostolic experience and establish true biblical doctrine for holy and righteous living in a generation where heresies are becoming prevalent."

Apart from the President, the service had in attendance notable leaders of the church such as the Finance Director, Pastor Johnson F. Omitinde; Regional Superintendent of Pearce Region (Chief Host), Pastor S.O. Aluko; Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor S.A. Adedayo; Special Assistant to the President, Pastor T.D. Asokeji; Director of Publicity, Pastor Ademisoye Alawode; Superintendent of Ipabojesu DCC, Pastor Olu Akeju; Superintendent of Oshodi Zone, Pastor F. F. Daramola and many others. 

Next edition of the programme will hold on Sunday December 17, 2023 at the same venue.

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