Photo News: 2023 CAC International Youth Conference, Jos Conference center begins

By Boluwatife Oparinde 

The 2023 CAC International Youth Conference and Thanksgiving Celebration for Jos Conference center, Orekoya region kicked off yesterday, Wednesday, 16th August, 2023 with an exciting array of activities that centered around the theme "Being Built on Sound Doctrine."

The conference, held at the prestigious Rochas Foundations School, Jos attracted a great gathering of enthusiastic youth eager to feed on the teachings and activities of the conference

As the event commenced with due registration of participants, the atmosphere of the opening ceremony was filled with joy and energy as attendees engaged in uplifting praise and worship sessions. The choristers led the congregation in heartwarming songs of worship, fostering an environment of unity and spiritual fervor.

The welcome speech was delivered by the Minister in Charge of CAC Orekoya Region Youth Fellowship, Pastor M. A. T. Popoola, who expressed gratitude for the massive turnout and emphasized the importance of the conference's theme. 

He encouraged the attendees to approach the conference with open hearts and minds, ready to absorb the teachings and insights to be shared during the conference.

Participants shared mind blowing testimonies of their personal journeys and experiences, highlighting the transformative power of embracing sound doctrine in various aspects of lives. Additionally, a segment was dedicated to vow payments, where attendees made commitments to support the conference's initiatives and future endeavors.

The first lecture titled "Secure Your Future through Sound Doctrine" was delivered by Pastor James, who gave a thought-provoking discourse on the significance of building a strong foundation of faith and belief. 

The revival hour anchored by Pastor Yusuf was an electrifying session characterized by passionate preaching, fervent prayers, and a powerful sense of spiritual renewal.  

The Day 1 of the CAC Orekoya Region Youth Conference was marked by a dynamic combination of worship, learning, and spiritual growth. Participants left the venue with hearts and minds invigorated, eagerly anticipating the enlightening experiences that the following days of the conference would bring.

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