Pastor Oke challenges youths to build faith on sound doctrine as mark of discipleship,at Kano Youth Conference Centre

Pastor S.O..Oke

 By Boluwatife Oparinde

The Assistant Director of Youth Affairs, Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Simeon O. Oke, has challenged contemporary youths to build their faith on sound doctrine being a mark of true disciples.

While he also boasted that the doctrines of Christ Apostolic Church are reflections of the core values of the mission as a whole, Pastor Oke gave these assertions at the CAC International Youth Fellowship, Kano Conference Centre holding at Adelaja Regional Headquarters, Kano State.

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Taking the second lecture of the conference titled "Grow your Faith on Sound Doctrine: A Mark of a True Disciple" the cleric told the youths that sound doctrine is a sure antidote to murmuring in a church setting as it helps to direct one in the right way and pattern to follow.

"We are to be well built on sound doctrine, which serves as our building block. As such, faith in the word of God and having sound doctrines remain the map that points us to becoming like the master daily, and doing His will as true disciples," he said.

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Stressing the conceptual definitions of the key words of the lecture which are Grow, Faith, Doctrine, Sound, Mark, True, and Disciple, the clergyman stated that sound doctrine is necessary because, "it clearly distinguishes spirituality away from mere religion, promotes morality and piety above normality, promotes sound scriptural knowledge through indepth study, promotes love and fellowship among the brethren as in the early church, it enhances the quality and holistic growth of the church, it engenders sanity over penitivenes, etc."

He also identified the marks of a true disciple as conformation, confirmation and conservation, summing that, "you are certified a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ only when you profess the doctrine, protect the doctrine, and present the doctrine."

Speaking on how to grow one's faith, the cleric stated, "listening to the words of life (God) will help facilitate and enhance your faith. You need to guide and guard your heart diligently. Ensure always, that your points of meditation are spiritual and positive things that can build your faith in the right direction. Your association has a lot to do with your allocation. Growing in faith demands the regular exercise of it. Prayer is key." 

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According to Pastor Oke, the benefits of growing one's faith include but are not limited to, "it enhances maturity in the Lord. It helps you offer the best. It facilitates divine intervention. It puts you on the same platform as God. It gives you a good report. It guarantees the fulfilment of promises."

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