"Micaiah" by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Pastor Gbenga Aluko

Text: 1Kings 22:8-18

The topic will be done with the following sub-headings:

* Background

* Micaiah

* King Jehoshaphat of Judah

* Lessons from the Prophet Micaiah’s interaction in 1 kings 22



The Lord gave King Ahab of Israel great victories over king of Syria on two quick occasions in 1 Kings 20: in the Hills Vs.20 and in the valley vs.29. Affirming to the human mind that He is God anywhere and everywhere and disputing the belief of the Syrians that holds otherwise. It may suffice to say that there are two kings reigning over Gods chosen people: King Jehoshaphat of Israel and King Ahab of Judah


The referenced king repaid this grace by disobedience and also exhibiting his affinity/lust/covetousness for land/possessions Vs.34 and God was not happy with him at all Vs.43


As if that was not bad enough, he also coveted the vineyard of Naboth (land again) 1 King 21:1-2. and his unruly, wicked and godless wife plotted and killed Naboth just for his refusal to sell or give his inheritance to Ahab, God became angry with him again.1 Kings 21:21


May god give us wisdom and discipline to avoid all errors of King Ahab even as we lead His people in Jesus mighty name. Amen



According to the scripture he was the son of Imlah, according to scholars he was one of the disciples of Prophet Elijah, not the same as Prophet Micah. God used him greatly to warn the two kings, but more with King Ahab.


King Jehoshaphat of Judah


He was a king of God’s people but went to visit/associate with the wrong person, the king of Israel:


1.Had an unbridled ambition for conquest and land: return all land and street in Damascus, Vineyard of Naboth, Ramoth Gilead etc.1 king.20:34,21:1-2,22:3

2.he had made God angry on several occasions

3.had over 400+ prophets who were cheap prey for lying spirit.


King Jehoshaphat was in alliance with someone God is angry with and were already plotting his downfall, are we any different?


May God help us to be discerning in our associations in Jesus mighty name.


Lessons from the Prophet Micaiah’s interaction in 1 kings 22


1.Those who don’t like the truth knows those who speak it and when they speak it.1 kings22:15, John 17:17 study God’s word, believe it, live it, and teach it, it is the only pure truth.

2.Those who speak and live the truth (speaking and living God’s word) may suffer for it: Slap 1king 22:24, imprisonment 1king 22:27, God is with them and rewards them.

3.It doesn’t matter the guile/disguise the wicked cant escape the recompense of their deeds 1 kings 22:20,1kings22:34-35

4.He lied that the prophet doesn’t say anything good to and about him.1kings20:13ff, evil/wicked people forget/undermine/deny the good deeds/acts.

5.be content with who God made you, gifts he gave you, wife He gave you and all other things, you can’t have it all.



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