Except your capacity is developed, you can't achieve anything worthwhile for posterity, says Pastor Omolola at CAC Agbara Refresher Course

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was four days of robust capacity building at the 2023 Leadership Refresher Course of Christ Apostolic Church, Agbara Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Agbara, Lagos State.

The programme held from Wednesday 5th to Saturday July 8th, 2023 with the theme "Capacity Development: The Need of the Hour" took place at Agbara DCC headquarters in Agbara. It was organised for Ministers, their spouses, Elders , Deaconess, Church Committee Members and Association Leaders. 

Each day of the programme was loaded with different impactful sessions. Day one (Wednesday) featured the ministration of the DCC Superintendent of Agbara DCC, Pastor Joseph Omolola on the topic "Capacity Development: What Is It?" and lecture two by Pastor Kayode Olanrewaju on the topic, " Foundation of Capacity Building."

Day two (Thursday) featured the ministration of the DCC Superintendent of Amuwo Odofin DCC, Pastor M.K. Ehinmode who delivered the third and fourth lecture on the topic "Strike the Balance: Capacity Building and Anointing" and "Capacity Building for Global Impact" respectively.

"The Place of Education in Capacity Building" was the topic of lecture five delivered on day three (Friday) by Dr. Daodu M. Adebayo. Also, lecture six on the topic "Capacity Building and Posterity" by Evang. (Mrs.) R.F Omolola.

On the grand finale of the programme (Saturday), lecture seven was delivered by Evang. Oluwagbenga Bankole on the topic "Enhancing Capacity Building Via Social Media" and the last lecture was delivered by the Superintendent of Agbara DCC, Pastor Omolola on the topic "Harnessing Your Capacity to Build and Grow the Church."

While delivering his speech at the programme, DCC Superintendent of Agbara DCC, Pastor Omolola said "except one's capacity is developed, such person cannot achieve anything worthwhile for posterity."

He noted that capacity is God's prerogative deposits created by God and resident in every individual no matter his race, colour, tongue, occupation or tribe.

The Cleric further said that capacity is domicile in every man and it needs to be developed or enlarged by the beneficiary.

He told participants at the annual programme that; "your present level of capacity today determines your portion or your place in destiny. Your present capacity level today is the version for where you are and it is also the reason for your assignment in life. So your capacity in totality cuts across every facets of life such as spiritual, financial, psychological, business, social, ministerial, etc."

Pastor Omolola also explained that, "as we take a closer look at the textual source of theme for this year (i.e. Matthew 25:14 -30), permit me to read out precisely from verse 15 particularly in Amplified Version; 'to one he gave five talents (Probably $5,000), to another two, to another one - to each in proportion to his own personal ability. Then he departed and left the country.' From this above textual extract, I realise that God never create anybody empty or void of ability, but he only deposited an equal proportional measure of capacity in every individual but the level of achievement success is based on how everyone is able to build, to develop, or to enlarge his capacity in order to fulfil his destiny."

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