CAC Kingsrealm Middlesbrough 1st Anniversary: A global campus-church birthed by a local campus-church

Christ Apostolic Church Middlesbrough, United Kingdom (UK) pioneered by Prophet Titilayo Femi Kings and L/Evang Titilayo Kemi Kemi celebrated its one-year anniversary in grand style on July 2nd, 2023. 

CAC Kingsrealm UK is a church birthed and planted by her campus-based church in Akure Nigeria, which was dedicated and inaugurated by the Superintendent of Itire DCC, Lagos, in 2020.

By God's providence, the church has experienced significant growth, beginning from four congregants on June 19th, 2022, and now has an average of 80 to 100 members in each service by the grace of God within this one year.

During this celebratory atmosphere, Pastor Oladokun graced the occasion and shared the word of God referencing Psalm 130 and emphasized that “it important to continually offer thanks and praises to God, both in favorable circumstances and during challenging times, when we may not feel inclined to do so."

He highlighted two types of praise: spontaneous praise and sacrificial praise. 

As part of the highlight of the anniversary, about 200 people from various works of life gathered to celebrate God with the Church. 

During his anniversary speech, Prophet Titilayo Femi Kings shared the Kingsrealm mandate with the Church saying “he is on a mission to see peoples' Spirit receive, their minds conceives and hands perform the dominion mandate and this has been the secret of the church’s growth.  

Goodwill message came from people who shared how the church has been a place of succor, hope, love and encouragement in such a time of pressure in the UK. 

To round up the testimony session, Evang. (Mrs.) Titilayo Kemi Kings consolidated the words that had been earlier shared by testifiers. In her statement, she stated that “one pivotal tool for such a lasting bond is when people are treated with love, just as Christ loves the Church and this makes us a family church."

Amidst the celebration and proof of good leadership, God's faithfulness was showered on Minister Afolabi Esther, one of our ministers from the Nigerian Church who was released with blessing of 500,000 naira to support her traveling plan and she was commissioned to join the work of the ministry in the UK.

In the spirit of expanding the manifestation of God's wonders among His people, Prophet Titilayo Femi and Evang. (Mrs.) Titilayo Kemi Kings, the leaders of the church emphasized that “the church is ready to fulfill the apostolic mandate they had received and the mission is to bring liberation to families through Family Safety summit and Parental Breakthrough prayer meeting, and Atmosphere of Change Global”. 

He mentioned that “the church is willing to push the vision to North-East region of England, where there is no Christ Apostolic Church currently for the local residents to worship.

The Senior Pastor gave a closing speech that “he encourages pastor coming to the UK and also implored pastors overseeing CAC churches in saturated region in UK to consider Mission and Evangelical works to  the north-east region of England, as the apostolic mandate needs propagation.

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