CACYOF Holy Fire Centre inaugurates Centre, Unit Executives


For the first time in the new CACYOF Akinyele Region, Holy Fire Centre has appointed a set of Centre and Unit Executives, on Sunday, May 28, 2023.

The Inauguration Service which was held at CAC Ikosi District, Christ Family Zonal Headquarters, Ketu, Lagos, had in attendance leaders across three units in the Centre (Kosofe, Yaba, and Shomolu Units).

At the Centre level, there were sixteen offices which were filled by selected members/leaders of the Fellowship across the Units in the Centre.

Also at the Unit levels, members of the Fellowship across the DCC/Zones in each of the Units were appointed to fill the sixteen positions.

Some of the positions include the office of the Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Sisters' Coordinator, Brothers' Coordinator, Teenagers' Coordinator, amongst others just as the offices stands from the National level.

Speaking during the Inauguration Message on the topic “Suffering Stars” the Regional Youth Coordinator, Pastor Olu Olorunpomi, emphasized the need for leaders to work together as a team so as to be shining stars rather than being suffering stars.

According to him, the reason many leaders suffer instead of shining is because they work alone. 

“One reason stars will not shine very well is because they try to shine alone. As long as you are trying to shine alone, you will never shine to capacity” He said.

“If you are only concerned about your DCC or Zone and don’t pay attention to the Regional and other affairs, you cannot shine to capacity, therefore, you are a suffering star.” He added.

Earlier in his message, Pastor Olorunpomi had identified some facts about stars.

 According to him, "everyone is a star" "you are not the only star" "stars are still being made" "stars are limited by time" "the joy of the star is to fulfil its purpose which is to shine."

He then noted that the only reason why a star will not shine is if the star decides to shine alone.

He therefore, urged leaders and other executives present to be TEAM players.

“There is this word TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More, but when you remove yourself from the team, you can never shine to capacity.”

“To shine to the fullest, shine with others. Don’t just shine in your assembly or district, shine to your unit, centre, the regional and national levels.” He said.

The newly appointed executives are to commence work immediately according to the Regional Youth Coordinator.

The inauguration service also had in attendance, other Regional Executives from Akinyele Region.

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