Your good works may be forgotten by men, God can never forget, He will reward you, says Pst Oladele at dedication of Highland School, The Gambia


By 'Gbenga Bankole (The Gambia)

As we work for the Lord in His vineyard, not all the works we do for Him can be noticed or appreciated by men, but God whom we work for can never forget the work we do for Him in righteousness and He will reward us. This was the assertion of the President of Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele at the official dedication of Highland School Annex, Tallinding, The Gambia.

Highland School is a missions-driven, missions-centred, missions-oriented secular School established by Christ Apostolic Church, The Gambia on January 14th 2008 to provide qualitative, affordable and competitive education for children of all nationalities in the Gambia. The school provides services such as Day-Care, Creche 

Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary (Lower Basic) and Secondary (Upper Basic).

The main school is located in Lamin Woyeto. It's a two-storey building with 8 standard classrooms and a bungalow of four classrooms; a chapel for assembly and worship and residence for displaced and newly arrived members of the Church.

The Church thought it wise to extend the school in 2018 after the historic dedication of the church headquarters in Tallinding, the Gambia by the immediate past President of the Church, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun who also laid the foundation of the magnificent structure in February 2014.

The community desired a school even though it was part of her vision and original design for the parcel of land, their agitation triggered and quickened its manifestation. As such, in September 2018, the foundation for the Annex was laid and yesterday April 12 2023, the President of our great church Pastor Oladele dedicated it. 

While appreciating God for the Mission department of the Church headed by Pastor Caxton S  Fasuyi, Pastor Oladele said it's only God that can adequately reward His own.

He further said: "some times we may be passed by or overlooked, some encouragement or applause may not come, but God can never forget. Jesus said 'behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.' Some times the good work we do may not be visible to the eyes of men, they may be forgotten, but God can never forget. There is no point praying about the reward, the reward will come from God."

The President further said that "when Jesus Christ was brought before Pilate, He wrote the inscription of the accusation of Jesus Christ and placed it above him on the cross. The Jews tried to change the inscription because the inscription says 'this is Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews.' They said Pilate shouldn't say Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews, but He (Jesus) claimed to be King of the Jews. The answer they got from Pilate was that it is irrevocable. Everyday we are writing something. Life is like a clean slate, life is like an empty diary. We write something on the clean slate of life everyday. It's everyday we enter some things into the diary of life and what we have written is irrevocable. I pray that with our lives and time we will write that which is good, befitting, proper, spiritual, holy and just in Jesus name, so that when we are no more it can be said about us that we write these things. Judas, for example was written as a betrayer of the Master, Jesus Christ, but thank God for others who wrote something positive with their lives and action."

While giving his speech, the Missions Director of the Church, Pastor Fasuyi gives God glory for what He has done. 

"What we are witnessing today is not by our power or might. This is because it has been written it will happen. There was money nowhere. It was done by faith. I want to appreciate missionaries in the Gambia headed by Pastor Gideon Adeoye. We thank God for their lives. We also thank God for the life of the President of CAC for believing in us that what we are telling him is the truth."

According to Pastor Fasuyi, building of schools is one of the things the early missionaries to Africa used to gain people for Christ, urging the missionaries to be steadfast and continue in what they're doing for the Lord.

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