Pleasing God, not popularity should be our goal, Pastor Oladele tells superintendents


By 'Gbenga Bankole

"Some of us want to play safe and that is why we can not please God. Some preachers are changing their messages because they want to be popular. They changed their lifestyle because they want to be popular. Our goal must not be to be popular, but to please God," the President of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele said to Superintendents at the just concluded 2022 General Council Meeting.

Ministering on the topic "Lessons from Rolling Years", taking his text from 2nd Chronicles chapter 16 verse 10 to 14 at the gathering that had in attendance DCC, Zonal and District Superintendents of the church, Pastor Oladele told the Superintendents that doing that which is good must be their desire which they must talk about, not in the sight of men alone, but in the sight of God. 

He added that; "to please God at times, we may not please men. For example, the midwives in Egypt served with the fear of Lord, they did the right thing and preserved the boy, Moses. The midwives feared God, they did not cooperate with Pharaoh, but cooperated with God. If we want to do what is good in the sight of God, we must not please men at times. Daniel because he wanted to please God didn't please the King. The three Hebrew men didn't please anybody, but they pleased God."

Using King Asa as a case study, Pastor Oladele admonised the Superintendents to do some certain things like Asa did which are, removal of some altars and practices that are not biblical. 

"Some of us are fond of attaching people to ourselves, not to the God of our fathers. We must return people to the Bible. You must work for the commendation of your thought and of your Master in heaven," the Clergyman stated. 

He however, said that there are some "buts" in the reign of King Asa, saying that he consulted and depended on the King of Syria, explaining that "reliance on men and depending on what they can do for us is a big 'but' in our ministry. We are not immune to that big 'but.' All we have to do is to rely on God for strength till the end. It is a big 'but' not to totally rely on God, but on connection with people."

While saying one false step is likely to lead to another, Pastor Oladele said it was mistake on the part of King Asa to rely on King of Syria.

Other 'but' in the reign of King Asa according to Pastor Oladele is that he (Asa) consented not to God's message from Hanani, but rather imprisoned him and those who told him the truth.

The Cleric also said King Asa sought a physician when he had disease in his feet, saying that it is not bad, but it was wrong for him to depend on the physician alone for healing.

Pastor Oladele concluded by telling the Superintendents that; "let us trust God and take care of our body, using all means provided by God for our welfare."

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  1. The God of our fathers had done it again! He saw us through another successful General Council. His Name be praised for ever. Amen!

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