Zonal Superintendent of CAC Life and Power zone, Pastor Oladapo, wife celebrate 40th wedding anniversary

It was a day of celebrating unfading love and four decades of growing in God's faithfulness at the 40th wedding anniversary service of the Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Life and Power Zone, Ikorodu, Lagos, Pastor Mich 'Tunji Oladapo and his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Olajumoke Oladapo. 

Prior to the wedding anniversary service held on Sunday January 8, 2023, the blessed couple went for registry wedding at Ikorodu North Marriage Registry on Thursday January 5, 2023.

The couple who are well known for their scintillating look and accommodating gesture were full of overwhelming joy as family, friends and church members gathered to celebrate them at the service held during the Sunday service of the church. It also had in attendance a renowned minister of the gospel who is a friend to the celebrants, the Presiding Pastor of Graceway Chapel International, Pastor Tunde Kajogbola.

In an interview with the couple, Pastor Oladapo said they got to know each other in year 1982 through the immediate elder brother of his wife, late Mr. Ezekiel Oludare.

"We actually met at CAC Alabukun, Ikorodu DCC headquarters. She was undergoing three days prayer and fasting at the church. She wrote some Bible passages for me that I should go and study.I was not the type that care about women. I have a lot of them around me and I didn't know which one to choose, but as the Lord would have it, we took cognizance of each other and the Lord made it happened and that was how the journey started," he stated.

On the part of the wife, Mrs. Oladapo, she explained that;"we met at CAC Alabukun. He was the Sunday School Supervisors and I happened to be one of the Sunday School Teachers. On that faith day when we met, I was observing three days fasting and prayer.  Before then I was living in Osun State and before I left Osun State, the second General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet David Babajide told me that the Lord said I will be embarking on a journey and where I am traveling to is where I will meet my husband. Meanwhile, I never had the plan that I will be moving to Ikorodu, Lagos at that time. When I got to Ikorodu, I didn't use the prophecy by Baba Babajide as my yardstick, I still observed the three days fasting and prayer because before my husband came, I had some disappointments from the so called brothers. I went into fasting and praying that I don't want similar occurrence. The very day that I was suppose to round up the fasting and prayer was the day I suppose to go for Sunday School preview and he (my husband) didn't see me. As our Sunday School Supervisor he came to check on me and my brother was not around. As he was knocking at my door, I heard the voice audibly from God saying; 'that is your husband.' I initially thought it was my brother that was knocking, but God said the person is my husband. As I opened the door, I saw him. It is the Lord's doing that we married on the 8th of January, 1983. 

Mrs. Oladapo further said it was one late Elder Akinsanya and late Baba Omokagbor that happened to be the intermediaries between them.

On advice to singles and young couples, Pastor Oladapo said;" I was still schooling when we got married. I had no money, but I had prospects, I had vision and goal. If you can start from the scratch with your spouse with God on your side you will have success in your marriage, but today most of our ladies doesn't want to start from the scratch with their spouse. They don't want to marry someone who's just coming up. Young couple should maintain love and submission. Women should be submissive to their husbands in all ways and husband should love their wives. When you love your wife there would be reciprocation in the way you never expected. Some people will be in relationship without the consent of their parents. It's when they are planning for wedding their pastors will know their would-be husband or wife. Be satisfied with whatever you have in your marriage. Don't compared your husband with another person. Don't compare your wife with any woman outside because you're not the same.

Mrs. Oladapo on its part said;" ladies should know that not everything that glitters is gold. They should use their God given wisdom. While in courtship, don't allow love to blindfold you. Check some things in his life. Like my husband rightly said, you can't do it alone, involve your biological and spiritual parents. Let them do some things for you like looking into the man's life. Some men are very stingy, even to the area of having sexual intercourse with their wives and that is what gives women psychological trauma. This is because once you're married you can't fornicate or go out of the home to have extramarital affairs. Look well before you say "yes I do." 

The Presiding Pastor of Graceway Chapel International, Pastor Tunde Kajogbola while ministering at the programme sais any marriage that doesn't project peace is not of God. 

The Cleric stated that what is obtainable in most marriages in the society today is contrary to the Scripture and purpose of God for marriage.

Citing Amos chapter 3 verse 3 which says 'Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?', the clergyman opined that what we see today are couples who are together but not agreed and couples who are living together but not in unity and love of God. 

Commending the celebrants (Pastor & Mrs. Oladapo), Pastor Kajogbola said 40 years in marriage is not a joke, adding that "we see companionship, promotion of kingdom assignment and promotion of peace in the house of God in this marriage. Any Pastor who doesn't have a goldy home or marriage is not a Pastor. Any marriage that doesn't project peace is not of God. A marriage must project God."

The renowned Minister of the Gospel of Christ also said "we no longer see love in most marriages of today. Love must be in truth and in action (1st John 2:18). If you're in marriage and you don't have the commitment of love to your spouse in fairness to God, you're not qualified to be in marriage. 

Pastor Kajogbola further stated that the Kingdom of God is no longer promoted or sustained in the marriage of today (John 2:1-8), adding that we no longer invite Jesus Christ to our marriages, what most people do today is show-off.

According to him, some people marry today for change of name, economic and personal security, secret deal etc.

Conclusively, Pastor Kajogbola quoted Revelation chapter 19 verse 7 which says 'Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready', as he urged the congregation to be prepared for the marriage of the Lamb where Jesus will be the bride of the saints.

To the joy of heaven, many people gave their lives to Christ when altar call was made.

The service ended with cutting of cake and photography session.

Photo speaks !

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