Three events everyone should be prepared for- Akilling Regional Superintendent, Pastor Olusoko


Pastor E.A. Olusoko 

By Boluwatife Oparinde

In these raging times, and amidst the proneness to finding permanent satiation in this material world, there are three major events everyone, particularly Christians must be prepared for, a seasoned minister of God, Pastor E. A. Olusoko has related. 

Pastor Olusoko, the Regional Superintendent of CAC Akilling Region, who had rooted his sermon on the divinity of Jesus Christ being the Son of God and God Himself (John 1:1), pointed out the capital and imminent return of Christ Jesus as the ruler and judge of the world.

"Jesus is the son of God, and Bible confirmed it. The Bible also tells us that Jesus is God himself (John 1:1). When we talk about trinity, which is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Jesus is also the son of God," said the cleric, identifying the divinity of the coming Jesus.

The cleric made these pronouncements on Sunday, 8th January, 2023 at CAC Agege DCC headquarters, Agege, Lagos, while ministering on the topic, "Behold, I come Quickly" from the texts, John 1:1, John 3:16 and Revelation 22:7-12.

According to the Regional Superintendent, "whatever has a beginning will surely have an end. If there is an authority within or upon you and you used it in the wrong ways, know that surely it will cause havoc to your life. We need to be focused on everything we are doing because Jesus said He is coming quickly. Every good thing has been committed in your hands. Don't say you will do it tomorrow because Jesus said He will come quickly."

Pastor Olusoko, highlighting the essence of Jesus' coming, stated that, "He is coming to take the righteous people to His home. This world is not our own. Brother and sister, Jesus is coming to take his people home. He said He will prepare a place for us and take us there."

"He is coming to reward you. You are going to be rewarded for the good works you have done on the earth. God sees everything you do in the secret. Heaven has the records of your earthly deeds. Always do everything according to His words (Bible). He is taking us to our everlasting home where everything you need is already provided. All of us are visitors on this earth and our permanent home is heaven. Death is inevitable for every man," he continued.

Answering the question of the dating of Jesus' second coming, the clergyman reiterated the words of the Bible, that "Jesus didn't give anybody a date of His coming, even the angels and the elders standing and prasing God do not know the day Jesus is coming back. In the Book of Matthew, we were told the signs of His coming."

Pastor Olusoko concluded with a list of the three events, that everyone, particularly Christians, need to be prepared for, they are, "Death, Coming of the Lord Christ and Rapture."

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