Seen Jesus in His full glory is greatest of all – Pastor Chukwuezie

Pastor Osita Chukwuezie

By Bamiyo Emmanuel Oloniruha 

The Regional Superintendent, Christ Apostolic Church, Medaiyese Region, Garki, Abuja, Pastor Osita Chukwuezie says seen Jesus in his full glory is the greatest of all.

Pastor Chukwuezie said this in his sermon titled “the Importance, imminent, potency, urgency and certainty of the second coming of Jesus Christ” during the Sunday service of CAC Garki, Abuja, the headquarters of the Medaiyese Region.

He advised Christians to make preaching Christ and His second coming their focus and greatest emphasis in the year 2023.

He added that every minister of God must centre his message on the second coming of Christ, reminding members of his congregation the return of Christ.

He said one of the purposes of Jesus second coming is for all believers to behold His face and be rewarded.

“When He comes that is when our faith in him will become a reality. We will see him face to face

“Seen Jesus with all His glory will be the greatest of all things. Nothing can be compare to his glory, it is the greatest of all blessings.

 “If you don’t see Him at His return, you will face the scourge of anti-Christ. It is better you were not born, than not seen Jesus in His glory.

“When we see Him, there will be an unending joy. Death will ceased, sorrow, sickness and inconveniences will ceased. That will be your reward for serving him,” he said.

Chukwuezie said that if the prophesy of the first coming of Christ was fulfilled, the prophesy of His second coming must be fulfilled as well.

“As He came to this world and spent 33 years plus. He is coming back on earth to rule 1,000 years, millennium reign. That is the doctrine of the Bible.

Chukwuezie said Jesus’ return is going to be greatest event the world never witnessed and it would happen suddenly without prior notice, just as documented in Matthew chapter 24.

He said that the expectations of His second coming should serve as Christians' greatest motivation for life and service just as He told men to occupy till He comes back.

“The message of His coming was the greatest emphasis and commitment of the early church so as not to allow people to loss focus.

“This year Jesus must be at the centre of our focus, conduct, expression, ministry and association. At no time must we shift focus because if you loss, you are in danger and the most miserable. It is only in Christ we have comfort, peace, lifting and edification.”

Chukwuezie said the reward that would come with Jesus return should be a motivation for Christians just like the day of harvest serve as the encouragement to farmers to face harsh weather.

“Also as the day of delivery is to pregnant woman, that is what the second coming of Jesus should be to us if we are true Christians.

“What the day of payment of wages is to labourers, is what the second coming of Jesus should be to us.

“What the day of graduation is to students, that is how the second coming of Jesus Christ should be to us because that day we shall graduate from every inconvenience of this world. We shall wear the regalia of Christ. We shall see Him face to face.

“As day of award and prize winning is to athletes or sportsmen just as we witnessed in final day of Qatar 2022, that is how the second coming of Christ should be to us,” Chukwuezie said.

He said the purpose of Jesus second coming is to take us away from the sinful world to our glorious home in heaven as well reward us for a life spent for His service and humanity. 

“No earthly thing can pay for serving God and for service to humanity.”

He added that Jesus’ return is to authenticate that no lasting city in this word and to prove to man that we are all aliens, pilgrims, strangers and passersby here as stated in I John 3: 3 – 4.

“It is also prove that the world and everything in it is vanity upon vanity.

“Our focus must shift today from this world to his second coming every minister must focus on the teaching on the second coming of Jesus his”.

He also advised Christians to allow their focus to be on encouragement and lifting of others.

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