CAC Amazing Grace Zone appoints new Elders, Deaconesses, announces new Evangelists


By Shadrach Sarah

Jubilation and celebration from families, friends and the church of God at large as Christ Apostolic Church, Amazing Grace Zone appoints new Elders, Deaconesses and consecrated new Evangelists on Saturday, 29th of October, 2022 at the Zonal Headquarters in Ikorodu, Lagos.

In accordance with the constitution of Christ Apostolic Church, the Elders and Deaconesses were appointed by laying of hands by the Zonal Superintendent of Amazing Grace Zone, Pastor T.O.A. Yerokun.

In his words, the Zonal Superintendent gave thanks to God Almighty for His infinite mercies upon the church and the newly announced Evangelists, appointed Elders and Deaconesses, since its last experience in 2003.

According to Pastor Yerokun, 16 Elders and 20 Deaconesses were appointed, while six Evangelists were announced.

The Superintendent of CAC El Shaddai DCC, Pastor Micheal Albert gave the charge on the topic "The Delightsome Stewards" while the text was taken from the book of 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17-20.

According to him stewardship is mostly relegated to Pastors but we are all supposed to be stewards because we are all followers of our Lord Jesus Christ given the ministry of reconciliation.

"When we work for God, we must work diligently and fervently (Ephesians 3:10). God is expecting so much from us as believers. We all engage in incomplete obedience unknown to us and incomplete obedience is still the same as being disobedience," he said. 

The Cleric went further by giving out points on service to God urging the newly appointed Elders and Deaconesses, and consecrated Evangelists that; "beware of the price you want to pay in service to God. It is not everything that is worth sacrifice. Some people have turned the church of God to a place of politics. When there is a problem in the house of God, we must be very careful in handling it. The ability to know what to do is wisdom. We must run with purpose, let your life be purpose-driven. Stay in your office as Elders, Deaconesses and Evangelists. If you know your purpose, you will not waste your energy."

The clergyman prayed for the newly appointed Elders and Deaconesses, and consecrated Evangelists to serve well in their offices while certificates were given to them by the Zonal Superintendent of Amazing Grace, Pastor Yerokun.

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