Becoming a Zonal or DCC Superintendent is additional responsibility, not celebration - Pastor Adelakun


Pastor J.A. Adelakun 

The Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas recently inaugurated Mercyland Unity Zone and inducted Pastor Joseph Adebayo Adelakun, popularly known as “Ayewa” as pioneer Zonal Superintendent. ‘Gbenga Bankole who was at the service caught up with the renowned Gospel singer in this exclusive interview. EXCERPTS!

Kindly introduce yourself, sir

My name is Evangelist Joseph Adebayo Adelakun. 

Why do you prefer to be called an Evangelist not a Pastor?

I have been an Evangelist since when God called me into the ministry. I was ordained as a Pastor in 1989 and I was promoted to Assistant General Superintendent (AGS) in 1999. Our Assembly which is now a Zonal headquarters was established in 1997 and was under Ketu DCC. The Assembly became District headquarters, now Zonal Headquarters, all to the glory of God. As an Evangelist I don't stay in a place, I travel from one place to another preaching the Gospel and that is why I prefer people calling or referring to me as an Evangelist. It is only Pastor that stays in one place to watch over the sheep, but Evangelist moves from one place to another preaching the Gospel of Christ. 

When you were ordained as a Pastor in 1989, did the Holy Spirit promise you that one day you would become a Zonal Superintendent in Christ Apostolic Church?

No. By the grace of God as a retired military man, people know me as a disciplinarian. When God gives me a message to His people, I will tell them that this is what the Lord says. If a Prophet comes to me and delivers a message, I will tell them that one Prophet came and I will deliver the message to them. There is a difference between when God sends someone to you and Holy Spirit speaks or minister to you personally. At times we mingle the two together and that is why we have a lot of fake Prophets and prophecies today. We have few Prophets these days, but a lot of Seers. If God speaks to you in a dream, let people know that it is dream God speaks to you. If it is while seated Holy Spirit ministered to you, let it be known to people so that they will know the time God speaks to you. If care is not taken, one will hear strange voices. I believe in differentiating between voice of God and voice of man. There are lots of voices of man today that have been taken as voice of God. 

God never told me I would become AGS or Zonal Superintendent. I don't pursue any title or position. I didn't go to anybody to lobby for any position despite the fact that President and General Superintendent are my long time friends. They are my friends but immediately they became President and General Superintendent respectively, I put a gap. I only discuss with them once in a while through text message and phone calls. Baba Oladele is highly disciplined, same as Baba Odejobi and it is because of that attitude we love one another. I can't go to them to greet them without having any important reason. They are very busy and one does not need to disturb them. I would have become Zonal or DCC Superintendent a long time ago if I was after it. I decided that until all Districts and Assemblies under me are up to standard, I would not approve them. Even those that I recommended have become DCC, but I don't bother. Becoming a Zonal or DCC Superintendent is adding to someone's responsibility, it's not for celebration. 

Cuts in: What you said just now is totally different from what is obtainable presently. Many people always throw a big celebration when they are inducted as Superintendents. Why is your own different?

I told our planning committee not to plan it big. They planned to buy cow which I kicked against. I told them that they should just cook food for ministers who are coming and add any souvenir that will make them always remember the day. They should buy sausage rolls and soft drinks for members of the congregation and the children and spend the money they have on the ongoing project of the church. I don't need any celebration. I also told the Choir that it is not choir anniversary; we will only give them ten minutes to render their special number and five or seven to the Good Women Choir. 

It's surprising to note that you have been ordained as a Pastor in CAC since 1989. As a renowned Gospel singer with hectic schedule, how have you been able to balance your Pastoral responsibilities with your music ministry?

It is the help of the Holy Spirit and grace of God. Grace means success without labour. The Bible says it is not by power, not by might, but by the Spirit. I believe in the ability of God, not in the ability of myself. Whatever I do I believe it is the grace of God. Many people don’t know that I didn't attend secondary school because I lost my Father when I was 16 years old. I wish to go to school but there was no money. What I'm saying in essence is that all what I'm doing today is by the help of the Holy Spirit and I also trained myself. 

There is one adage that says travelling is part of education. Travelling also helped me in knowing many things. I traveled together with Ebenezer Obey, late Sunny Okosun, Shina Peters and King Sunny Ade. I always sit quietly because I know I don't have solid education. I always study and learn from them. Some people don't believe I never attended secondary school. It is just by the help of Holy Spirit because I believe in His power. I was a Muslim before accepting Christ and I met Him when I was in Nigerian Army. I met Christ through Prophet Samson Akande (Baba Abiye) in Ede. I'm one of the spiritual sons of Baba Abiye. I slept on the same bed with Baba Abiye, if you call Prophet Funso Akande he will tell you better. I never knew that I was tapping anointing in those days. What God is doing in my life today is a miracle and by mercy. It is God who helped to put the two together.  I'm also very hard working. I'm on ladder to 74. I was 73 years old on June 11, 2022 and next year I will be 74 and 2024 I will be 75 years. Whatever I do, I always do it with passion as if I will not do any other thing again. The ability God gave to me when I was in the Army I am using it in the ministry and a lazy man can't work with me. If you're not straightforward you can't work with me. The church never affects my ministry. I'm presently preparing to go to the studio to release another album. What I used to do in the olden days I still repeat it which is to go to the mountain and seek the face of God before releasing any album. What God told me this time is that I should tell people about His second coming and He has given me the message. It will be released very soon. 

If not because I was at your 70th birthday, I would have doubted that you're 73 because you never looked as if you are 73.  What keeps you fit and fresh?

When you discipline yourself in some areas it will help your life. Don't pursue what you don't need to pursue. Don't hate anybody. I don't have time for hearsays.  If you come to me and tell me about what someone said, I will ask if you can say it in the presence of the person. I will drive you away if you can't say it in the presence of the person. If you don't engage in hearsays you won't have high blood pressure. If my blood pressure rises, it is not because of hearsays or anxiety, but too much work. I don't believe in anxiety. I believe whatever God wants to do He will do. I don't go to people asking them what they want to do for me. Even if you're a billionaire or millionaire and I'm close to you I won't demand anything from you. 

How do you rest?

Every Monday I don't pick calls and I don't call anybody. If you call me I won't pick it. My phone will be in my sitting room or prayer room. I will watch television to know the current happenings in the country and across the globe. I will have my Bible, CAC Gospel Hymn Book and Living Water Daily Devotional Guide with me. I don't fast on Monday and I eat twice a day; in the morning and in the evening. If I go out to minister, I don't eat. Anywhere I'm going, all I will eat is inside my bag. I take a lot of tea and biscuits. I don't take cold water. 

You have been relevant in the Gospel music industry for many years and till now you're still relevant. What is the secret and what is your advice for Gospel singers of these days?

I always advise them that they should move closer to God through the Word of God. They should not be too wise. Adam and Eve fell because they fail to yield to God's warning and He knows that the devil is already around the corner. Some of our today's youths don't want to suffer. Some people have said they want to move me from my apartment here in Akute to GRA Ikeja, but I told them not to bother because the more you move closer to the world the more you break your relationship with God. They should also always humble themselves because some of them believe they know more than the elderly ones. Though I thank God for some of them who have respect for the elders and I always pray for them whenever I see them. 

What is the role of your wife in your success?

I need to thank God and appreciate Him for giving me a wife who is very cooperating. She was a teacher before she retired. She's highly disciplined and very hard working. She ensures that all our children know how to cook, including the male. Our children know how to do house chores. God gave me a wife who is taking good care of me. She knows the kind of food I like.

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