Life of praise, worship guarantees spiritual encounter, says Cleric at Choir Anniversary of CAC Medaiyese Regional Headquarters


By Oloniruha Emmanuel Bamiyo (Abuja)

A senior Pastor at Christ Apostolic Church, Medaiyese Regional Headquarters, Garki, Abuja, Pastor Michael O. Adebayo has advised Christians to refuse to close their lips, but continually open it in thanking God.

Pastor Adebayo gave the advice in Abuja on Sunday August 28, 2022 during the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Medaiyese Regional Headquarters’ Choir Anniversary, with the theme “O Give Thanks to the Lord (Psalm 107:1)”

The cleric, in his sermon titled “Engaging the Power of Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship for Spiritual Encounter,” advised Christians to sing out praises and offer dance of praise to God at all times.

Pastor Adebayo, reading from Col. 1:12-14 and Psalm 102:1-2, said Christians need to give thanks to God for the work of redemption for men from the power of darkness and Satan, through the sacrificial death of Christ Jesus that brought salvation to mankind.

“In Psalms 107: 1-2, the psalmist exhorted us, the redeemed of the Lord, to give thanks to the Lord, for deliverance from the hands of the enemy.

“We sold our birthrights from the garden of Eden and the nature of man became the natural nature. Man is not a thief because he has stolen, but the nature of stealing is in man. Therefore, curse was pronounced upon man. 

“Since then, man has been struggling but God made a provision out of the curse through the redemptive work of Christ, because He is good and His mercies endure forever. He also did this because God still wants us to enjoy what Adam and Ever enjoyed in the Garden of Eden before they sinned.”

Pastor Adebayo said man ought to always praise God for deliverance from hunger and thirst, which was experienced by the Israelites when they were in slavery in Egypt, of which God delivered them, adding that we are now partakers of the abundance in the land of Canaan.

He said that Christians should also thank God for deliverance from diseases and death, dangers of storms, God's presence is in our boat of live, including the time of storm. 

He advised believers to begin to know their status in God saying they are now a new creature in God where the Holy spirit dwells with no space for sickness and disease.

“When disease comes in, you say I am redeemed and thanks to God because by His stripes I am healed according 1 Pet 2. 24 and 2Corn 5: 17”

The Clergyman defined praise, thanksgiving and worship as the expression of appreciation and acknowledging the sovereignty and almightiness of God over other gods. 

He advised Christians to always engage praise, thanksgiving and worship for spiritual encounter.

“Engaging ourselves in these leads us to spiritual encounter that brings about great gratitude and greater commitment” as exemplified by David, Paul, and Silas (Acts 2:16) as well as King Jehoshaphat and the Israelites.

Pastor Adebayo said there were many battles of life that could be won through thanksgiving and act of praise without going into physical battle.

He said that David was favoured to become king without any recommendation (1 Sam 16), while Jehoshaphat and the Israelites attained victory through songs of praises.

“Three nations faced Jehoshaphat and Judah in 2 Chronicles chapter 20, but he went to the Lord in prayer and God gave him strategies to win the three nations.

“Throughout your life there are some battles you win without fighting, but just by singing praises.”

Pastor Adebayo said that several lessons were learnt through thanksgiving offered by Jehoshaphat and Judah during the attack on them which include: The Lord sent ambushment against the enemies. The Lord intervened in their matter and confused their enemies. He also fought for them and won the battle on their behalf.

He said that God also caused the people of Judah to sing a new song and rejoice over their enemies.

He added that in thanksgiving there is supernatural abundant provision from God.

“Their enemies went against one another and no one escaped. Jehoshaphat and his people carried spoils in abundance for three days. Supernatural provision happened. God will give you supernatural provision even if you have been cheated elsewhere. He will bring back all your years that have been eaten by cankerworms and caterpillars, if only you can praise him,” Pastor Adebayo said.

In conclusion, he advised: “Refuse to close your mouth in the praise and worship of the Lord. Sing it out, say it, and dance it.”

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