Nothing secures future of a man than relationship with God, says Pastor Gbuyiro at 2022 Youth Conference, Ikeji II

Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Director of Youth Affairs, Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro has harped on the importance of having personal relationship with God, urging youths that nothing secures future of a man than relationship with God. 

Pastor Gbuyiro stated this on Wednesday August 31, 2022 while giving the opening charge on the topic "Why then and not now" (Gen 28:12-20) at the 2022 International Youth Conference, Ikeji II which comprises youths from Akinyele, Akilling, Essien and Pearce Regions. 

Expatiating on Genesis chapter 28 verse 12 to 20, the Cleric said Jacob was completely blind to the blessedness of having the God of his fathers as his own God, he rejected His hands of love and fellowship which he paid dearly for in the later life.

He further said God is never satisfied to be the God of the dead, but He is more willing to be the God of the living as well since His programs do not terminate with the dead regardless of their exploits. 

"When God is your God, you will lack nothing in life because we are serving an all sufficient God. God is enough for every man. If you give chance for God in your life, you will lack nothing. When you journey with God, He pays all your bills in full and your journey is guaranteed. If you have Him as your God, your future is secured. There is nothing that secures the future of a man than relationship with God. Your future is not in anything. He is the God that secures the future. Delaying your decision for God is giving opportunity to the devil to do whatever he likes with your life. Missing that time is keeping an appointment with the devil. It is very dangerous to reject the call of God," he said. 

On why you must decide for God now and not later, Pastor Gbuyiro said; "You may not recover from the losses and damages that devil is set to cause you. Therefore, now is your day of salvation. Satan will be happy that you refuse and reject God's offer because it gives him access to your life, to steal, kill and destroy. God's invitation and intervention always come ahead to frustrate devil's agenda for a man. It's just a step that is between life and death."

He said material blessings are not evidence of God's approved life but His presence, saying that nothing is comparable to God's presence. 

"If it doesn't happen now, it can't happen later. If you don't have His time now, He may not have your time later.  It may be painful later. If you delay your coming now, your will later become a late comer," he concluded.

Many gave their lives to Christ as altar call was made.

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