"Tribute to Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara @80" by Pastor Isaac Abiara


Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara flanked by Pastor Isaac Abiara and his wife.

The entire Abiara and the Agbala-Itura family, worldwide, wishes our father, Papa S.K. Abiara, a blessed and Happy 80th Birthday. We thank God for making you see such a milestone.

Baba, (as everyone calls you,) are a spiritual icon in this generation. A quintessential servant of God who has dedicated his life to serving God and impacting humanity all over the world. Many people have been blessed through your preaching, prayers, and prophetic ministry.  

Your unyielding commitment to evangelism has taken the gospel of Jesus Christ – through CAC Agbala-Itura and CIEM - to several countries in the world, where God has wrought many miracles, signs and wonders through your hand. The testimonies are still showing forth today. 

Your story from grass to grace is one that shows the true hand of God upon your life. Your initiatives through the Abiara Divine foundation have touched many lives here in Nigeria, and other parts of the world. CINDICO, the institution founded by you, has become an institution where lives have been transformed to fulfil their God given purposes. 

You have done the work of ministry with great and selfless love, dedication, compassion, without seeking human praise and accolade. You have given all your life to the work of God.  

Baba, you are Father to fathers; Pastor to pastors; Prophet to Prophets, and a wealth of spiritual wealth and wisdom, which everyone has come to cherish and appreciate. You are a true embodiment of humility and God’s grace. You are a monumental blessing to the world. You are one of the most important Man of God, to ever walk the surface of this earth. Your work is such that “speaks after death.” What a priceless gift your personal and spiritual accomplishments have been to mankind! 

On this your birthday, your wife, your children and the entire Agbala-Itura family worldwide, wish you a Happy Birthday, long life, Greater grace, greater dimension of God’s power, more anointing, and even more outstanding successes and greater testimonies in life.

Pastor Isaac Abiara, On behalf of the Family, and CAC Agbala-Itura Worldwide.  

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