CAC Amazing Grace Zone holds 2022 Refresher Course

Christ Apostolic Church, Amazing Grace Zone, Ikorodu, Lagos on Friday July 8 and Saturday July 9, 2022 held the 2022 edition of her annual refresher course. 

Friday July 8, 2022 was for Ministers and their Wives, while Saturday July 9, 2022 witnessed the coming together of all the workers (Elders, Deaconesses, Choir etc.), ministers and their wives at the zonal headquarters.

The Zonal Superintendent of Amazing Grace Zone, Pastor T.O.A. Yerokun while ministering on the topic "Fulfilling your Ministry in the Home, Church and Society" (Text - Exo. 19:3-6; Jer. 31:33-34; Col. 4:17) said people with ministry careers often have an influential role in the spiritual growth of those they work with (the Home, Church and Society). 

He noted that ministry is about giving of oneselves and time, talents, and resources to bless and help others, adding that;"the cry of the minister is 'someone’s got to do it, might as well be me.' When we serve in ministry, we will find our greatest joy and most fulfillment in life."

Speaking on qualities of an effective Minister, Pastor Yerokun said the qualities are scriptural understanding, ability to listen, competence, Teaching ability, good character, vision, ability to build a team, self-awareness, drive and disciple-building focus.

On steps to achieving and maintaining balance as a church leader, the Clergyman;" things like a daily personal devotion, coaching and consultation with respected counselors, regular time off, ministerial conferences, etc. will provide an outlet to recharge. Don’t assume that sermon preparation is also developing and deepening your faith. While that might happen, only a concentrated attention to personal prayer and reflection will develop a pastor’s emotional and spiritual core."

According to him, church leaders must build accountability, stating that:"people who know you well and observe your life regularly can almost always tell when you are getting out of balance sooner than you could yourself. If married, your spouse should be your greatest ally and one that can quickly recognize imbalance. Listen to it. This person knows you better than anyone else (and sometimes yourself). Outside of spousal relationships, it’s vital for pastors to invite other people close to them who can speak wisdom and truth when necessary. Give the people close to you permission to identify when your life is out of alignment."


Pastor Yerokun while admonising church leaders to prioritize their family, said;"set aside time for family. One of the hardest lessons learned as a pastor was the necessity for committees and ministry teams to sometimes meet without me. I had to give up some control, but the payoff was huge with my family. Practice the art of saying 'no'. Even the most effective church leaders aren’t able to do everything needed from them. Ministry work is extremely important, but no more important than a church leader’s family."

He also urged church leaders to exercise consistently because it’s therapeutic, healthy, and could improve one's capacity in ministry, noting that performance and personal satisfaction are heightened when the body is strong and capable.

The Cleric also urged them not to give up perfection, explaining that;"the tension of competing demands can be considered a sign of vitality. The fact that church leaders struggle with imbalance shows a zest for life and the desire to use the talents and gifts given to enrich the lives of others. A healthy mind and spirit inhabiting a healthy body should be every church leader’s objective."

Also during the two days refresher course, Pastor Abraham Abiodun Ademola, from Christ Apostolic Church, Spring of Grace delivered a lecture on "The danger of inefficiency” 

Questions and answers were entertained with relevant and seasoned prayer points taken.

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