A minister with a message by Pastor Festus Oyebade


Pastor Festus Oyebade

TEXT: 2 Samuel 18:19-33; 2 Timothy 2:15


Consider these illustrations;

A driver was just driving on high speed. Other vehicles coming behind followed him, not knowing his destination. When the driver got to his house, his family opened the gate for him and welcomed him. All other vehicles following him stopped at the entrance of his gate, locked outside. So are many ministers today – following others without their own direction.

A soccer game always has 22 players on the field, who are categorized into (3) three - (1) Defenders (2) Striker(s) and (3) Midfielders. The point here is that every player in each category is positioned in the wing they specialize. Ministers of God should not run another man’s race.


Who is a Minister?

A minister is someone who serves as a Distinguished for a Master. In biblical context, a minister is a servant – one who has a master and serves. And so, a minister of God is a servant of God.

What is a message?

God’s word is God’s message. The Bible, the written word of God, is God’s message. In the context of this teaching, God gives His servants specific message(s) to specific audience. The centrality of God’s message must be the same for all ministers; but so to say, there are shades or specifics God gives His ministers.

For example, Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah etc. were all ministers of God with different specific messages to their audience.

TYPES OF MINISTERS – Two Contextual Case Studies

1. A Minister/Messenger without a Message – Ahimaaz, the son of Zadok (1 Samuel 18:28-30)

2. A Minister/Messenger with a Message – Cushi (2 Samuel 18:31-33)


1. Jesus Christ is the message for/to the whole world

2. John was given a message of Repentance

3. Paul was given a message to the Gentiles

4. Peter was given a message to the Jews

5. Moses was given a message of Deliverance

6. Babalola was given a message of Revival

7. Benson Idahosa was given a message of Faithfulness

8. Bishop Oyedepo was given a message of prosperity

9. Bola Akin Johnson was given a message of church growth

10. Sam Adeyemi was given a message to the youths


1. Every minister is given a true message. Find out the message which the Lord has given you.

2. It is your message that will take you to the limelight and make you pronounced.

3. It is your message that will magnetize the right people with you.

4. It is your message that will put food on your table, not your title. You may carry the title but not have the entitlement.

5. Your message will take you to the top and people you never dreamt of. It will take you to places you never expect (Proverbs 18:16)

6. Your message will keep you on the track and on focus. If you don’t have a message, you will be like a person beating the air.

7. Your message will make you a master and a specialist.


1. He was called by Joab. Who called you? God or who?

2. He was sent, authorized and endorsed. He had a very clear message.

3. Even though he did not run like his counterpart, Ahimaaz, he arrived at his normal place at a normal time.

4. He delivered his message with accuracy and with wisdom.

5. His message produced a good result and had impact.

6. He was respected by Joab and every other people because of the message he was sent.


1. You will begin to envy, criticize and mistreat other ministers with message

2. If you don’t have a message, there is nowhere you will direct people

3. If you don’t have a message, you will not have a target

4. If you don’t have a message, there will be no focus

5. If there is no message, you will not have divine backup

6. If there is no message, you will not have fulfillment

7. There will be no confidence in the time of trouble.


1. No divine call from heaven (1 Sam 18:19,20)

2. If you are too busy and you cannot pay the price.

3. Many have been disconnected from their source. God is like the power supply and socket; we are like the plug.

4. Secret sin

5. Copying another man’s message


1. Spend quality time reading the Bible and other relevant materials

2. You can get a message through trance, still small voice and through vision

3. Through consistent prayer

4. Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

5. Through meditation

6. You can receive from the anointing of other ministers.


One of the things that defines a Minister of the God, and distinguishes him from a common man, is his MESSAGE.

The antecedents and precedence of the Scriptures is that for _every man God calls and ordains for His work, He calls them for a purpose and a cause. God always gives His men a course.

The peculiarity of ministry and a minister (being a servant of God) is the question, What did God send you?You have been called, okay. You are a servant of God, okay. But why has God called you? God did God ask you to do? What message did God give you?

Answering these questions will not only be a proof of our calling, but also a confirmation that we are genuine and true Ministers of God.

Dear minister, what is your message?

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