Prophet Aroniyo harps on importance of tutelage for young ministers, says if you want to go far 'yes sir' is the first answer


Prophet Kunle Aroniyo

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, North Atlanta Zone, Prophet Kunle Aroniyo has harped on the importance of tutelage for young or would-be ministers, saying any young or would-be minister who wants to go far must learn to say "yes sir" to the directive of his or her leader or boss.

Prophet Aroniyo said this during the online analysis session of 2022 International Conference of all Evangelists, Prophets, Prophetesses and Planters organised by the World Evangelistic Outreach of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, holding at Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State. The online analysis which is being live streamed on Zoom and through the official Facebook page of CAC News is anchored by Pastor John Adeyinka, Pastor J.O. Oluwasanmi, Pastor Tolu-Tope Dada, Elder John-Mark Oladele, Evang. Jerry Akinyomi and many others. 

The Clergyman said any young or would-be minister who doesn't pass through tutelage can't be anything meaningful in the ministry, adding that Jesus Christ taught His disciples how to pray and do many things which can be referred as tutelage.

Quoting 1st Corinthians chapter 1 verse 11 where Apostle Paul said to the Corinthians that 'follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ', the Cleric said "when you follow you will enjoy grace by impartation and grace by transferring. Jesus selected the 12 and made them follow Him. We have problem in this generation. We are always in haste and we want to do things fast. It is a microwave generation."

When asked if it is possible to be under tutelage from far, Prophet Aroniyo said it is possible to follow without physically following particularly with the help of technology which made it possible for you to contact your discipler for advice and direction. 

He also said that anybody who has a father will go far, explaining that we have problem in this generation because nobody is following anybody. 

Using the President of CAC as an example, Prophet Aroniyo said it is very easy for Pastor S.O. Oladele to do exploits in the ministry today because he followed, he was thoroughly discipled by some reputable ministers of God. 

"Tutelage is the ability to follow. When you don't follow you can never have followers. Tutelage is the ability to learn by example. Formal learning is what you learn at the Seminary, but tutelage is the application of it. It is during tutelage you learn how to pray rigorously. Until prayer becomes your lifestyle you can't get to anywhere and that's where tutelage can help you. You can be humiliated during your tutelage even by your leader. Don't rebel against him. You will still say 'yes sir' and when that happens to you, God is testing your maturity. Be faithful anywhere you are. God sees you. He knows how He will pay you back. Everytime you fight for yourself God will not fight for you," he stated.

Emphasising on the importance of tutelage, the Cleric said Jesus sent Apostle Paul for tutelage whom he could have taught Himself, but he sent him to Ananiah, noting that tutelage makes God to trust us with the future.

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