Authorities of CAC inaugurate CAC Akilling Region, induct Pastor Olusoko as pioneer Regional Superintendent


By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was another day of history in Christ Apostolic Church on Sunday June 5, 2022 as one of the newly created regions, Akilling, was inaugurated by the Church Authorities and Pastor Emmanuel A. Olusoko inducted as pioneer Regional Superintendent.

Akilling Region, comprising 44 DCCs and Zones was named after late Pastor Stephen A. Akilling, a Jos-based minister of God whom He used for the expansion of God's Kingdom in Plateau State.

The inauguration and induction service was held at CAC Akilling Regional headquarters, CAC Agege DCC headquarters, Agege Shiaba, Lagos. It was anchored by the President of the Church, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele and General Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi. Other Principal Officers in attendance are the General Secretary, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur and Finance Director Pastor Johnson F. Omitinde. Wives of Principal Officers in attendance are Mrs. S.K. Oladele, Mrs. Mariam Odejobi and Mrs. Fedilia Mapur, and they were happily welcomed by Mrs. Alice Olusoko, wife of Pastor Olusoko. 

It was indeed a colourful programme where the glorious and reputable choir of the region rendered inspiring songs which indeed blessed lives.

While ministering on the topic "The Variety of God's Instruments" taking his text from Judges 4:1-9, the President of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Oladele said the instrument God uses at times may be regarded as weak, and in His sight the weak and the strong are the same. 

God, according to him, can use anybody, even the illiterate, saying that one may be able and capable, but if you're not available God will not use you. 

He noted that one of them that God used to deliver Israel was a woman, Deborah, further explaining that "God used many women in CAC and that is why the Church Authorities named two of our regions after two of the women who were useful for Him.

"The instrument God makes use of are varying and some times could be weak and that is why in CAC God uses different kind of people even the blind. That is why we need to allow God to rule His Church. We will be missing out if we fail to allow God rule His Church. If we allow God to choose for us He will raise men and women of His authority. If you're available, God can use you too," Pastor Oladele said. 

The President noted that ministry is not about preaching beautiful sermons, it's about facing the kingdom of hell and there is no room for the lazy in the ministry, we are in the spritiual war. 

While urging people to walk the talk, Pastor Oladele said he doesn't believe in the talk, but the act of the Apostles, adding that Deborah didn't only talk she was also very active. 

"At times the Elder who will not contribute any fee or pay any offering will be the one that will talk much at the Elders' meeting. In the church today we need the thinkers, the inspirers and the advisers. What we need is power and life from God to energize our weak methods. We need people like Deborah who will not only talk but act," he said conclusively.

In his welcome address, the Regional Secretary of Akilling Region, Pastor S.O.A. Fadipe said history is made everyday and they are grateful to God to be part of this history in the Christ Apostolic Church. 

"It pleases God through the Authorities of the Church to carve out new Regions from the former Akinyele Region and our Akiling Region seated at CAC Oke Itedo Olorun Iyanu Shiaba Agege is blessed to be part of this innovation. The Church is marching on and the gate of hell cannot prevail against it, Halleluyah. Our life indeed as they said and confirmed by the scripture is according to divine predestination. We are happy that our lot falls on the favourable part of such predetermined arrangements. All of us here today are blessed to take part in the bigger purpose of God for Christ Apostolic Church that was started by our founding fathers as a small prayer group in Ijebu-Ode and later became a globally recognized mission through the renowned 1930 revival at Oke Oye Ilesa Osun State. 

"The fire later spread to Agege when this assembly was started according to history in the year 1938. Today, by the grace of Almighty God, we are seated at the threshold of this magnificent edifice to celebrate God in this Assembly as it hosts the Regional office and houses the Regional Superintendent who now occupies the esteemed four Office position of Akiling Region as the CAC Oke Itedo Olorun Iyanu Assembly Pastor, CAC Agege District Superintendent, CAC Agege DCC superintendent and finally at the moment the Akiling Regional Superintendent. We are still trusting God for much more," he said.

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