"God is not who you think He is, God is who He says He is" by Pastor Olorunnisola

Pastor Dr. Femi Olorunnisola

"Who do you say I AM?" (Matthew 16:15). Jesus asked his disciples this question after they gave various definitions of whom people say Jesus is (Matthew 16:13-14).

God is more than what people say and think. You cannot define God based on your parents, pastor, friends, and mentors experiences. Though they could serve as your guide to discovering God by yourself.

It is sad today that it seems Christians are worshipping different Gods.

The God of America is different from the God of United Kingdom. The God of Nigeria is different from the God of America. The God of one denomination is different from the God of another. The God of one race or skin color is different from the God of another. The God of the rich class of people is different from the God of the poor or not so rich. These differences  should not be.

Many use the name of their pastors to call or describe God. They say, "God of pastor so and so..." No one is disputing that. They can be used to serve as a guide and an eye-opener to your discovering the same God for yourself. However, if your definition of God is based on your pastor's or parents', you have not really known Him.

Abraham had encounter and God became his God. God told Isaac, "I am the God of your father Abraham" (Genesis 26:24). Isaac found him, and he became the God of Isaac too. God told Jacob, "I am the God of your father's Abraham and Isaac" (Genesis 28:13). Jacob found him based on his own experience, and he became his God too. God told Moses, "I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" (Exodus 3:6 -7). Moses found him based on his own experience and he went further to get to know God by His name, which was never revealed to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Exodus 3:13-16). 

The God of your pastor, your parents, your mentor, your friends wants to be your God too. Have you found him?

It may even be true that your pastor might have not found the true God and may be introducing the wrong god to you. And the anointing of the wrong god which may be the god of money or ocult may flow around to you. Evil prophets are so much around now. Even the elects can be deceived by them - their miracles, their teachings, prayers, their success, signs and wonders. But Jesus had said He will tell them at the end of it all that never knew them. So, do not be deceived to their camp so as not be rejected at the end of your race on earth after all your diligent service (Matthew 7:21-23). It is for you to discover God, and not the God of your pastor. Even if He is the God of your pastor,  he wants to be your God too. For God is more than what people, even the pastors say.

It is true that Elisha asked the question "Where is the God of Elijah?" It is also true that he never used that phrase at any time again. He used that phrase to prove a point to his mockers that the God of Elijah was also his God. His experience of God was different from that of Elijah too.

The old hymn says, "Won't you let my Savior be your Savior too?"

"Brother, let my Savior be your Savior too!"

The encounter of the prophets and kings in the Bible about God were never the same. From Moses to Joshua. From David to Solomon to Hezekiah to Josiah. From Daniel to Ezekiel to Isaiah to Jeremiah to Zechariah to Malachi. 

You need to know God beyond who your pastor say God is. You need to know God beyond who your parents say God is.

You need your own personal encounter with God. So that people can refer to God as your God too. And through that they will get to discover God themselves too.

Paul emphasized even after telling many people about God, he said "that I might know him... (Philippians 3:10). It means he still wanted to know God the more. It means he wanted more of God and less of himself.

Have you found God in that church?

Philip told his friend Nathaniel that, we have found Him, the Messiah (John 1: 45), and when Nathaniel met Christ, he did not base his experience on Philip's, he found Christ too (John 1:47-51). Why would you base your definition of God on what your your pastor or parents say?

What have you found in your church?

Some have found miracles, blessings, prayers answered, children, spouses, connections, good jobs, and other breakthroughs, some had even found their pastors. BUT never found God. 

God want you to have your own encounter and experience of God, so you will also define God beyond what you have heard. For He is more than what people say.

He said you will find him when you seek him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29: 13-14).

Have you found God?

Are you even seeking for God or for prophets, pastor and miracles?


Are you seeking for him with all your heart?

You can find God in His Word. You can find God when you come to him in prayers. You can find God when you fellowship with the right people in the right place.

God is not what you think He is. God is more than what anybody can describe. 

God is who He says He is. He says He is the "I AM THAT I AM" (Exodus 3:14).

Can you pray along with me? 

"O God, help me to find you and to know you more, and more. In Jesus name I pray. Amen."

God bless you real good.

Your friend and brother, 

Pastor Dr. Femi Olorunnisola


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