You cannot enjoy Christian life without a fellowship of the Holy Spirit - Cleric tells Christians at CAC Chapel of Grace Anniversary

Pastor Peter Olanrewaju

By Rachel Oke

The Associate Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Imole English Assembly, Agbowo, Ibadan Pastor Peter Olanrewaju has told Christians that the means to enjoying their life is through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

He said this while ministering to Christians on the topic "The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit" at the occasion of the third year anniversary and Christmas service of Christ Apostolic Church, Chapel of Grace, held at  the church in Ibadan, on Saturday 25th December.

According to him, as Christ is the best gift of God to the world, likewise, the Holy Spirit is the best gift of God to the church.

Citing from the anchor scripture of the day, 2Corinthians 13:14, Pastor Olanrewaju pointed out the role of the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity and His necessity to Christians, stating that the Holy Spirit is the administrator of the grace and the love of God.

"Jesus came with and is full of grace. His grace brings salvation to us. His grace is the same grace that the Bible records that by it we are saved. Jesus came with the grace to save us from the power of sin and Satan. If you have not appropriated that grace of God for salvation, you cannot experience the love of God."

"The love of God as shown in the scripture above shows that God is love and everything that He gives to man is out of His love. That is why He gave the Holy Spirit to the world."

"It takes someone who has given attention to the love God to response positively to God's love through Jesus Christ to receive the blessedness of His love."

"The Holy Spirit is the Administrator of the grace and the love of God. So, if you really want to get all that God has for you by His grace and through His love, you need to fellowship and enter into friendship with the Holy Spirit." He explained.

Also citing from 2 Corinthians 3:17, he added that liberation comes through the Lordship of the Holy Spirit.

According to him, the way to get liberated is to allow the Holy Spirit to be your Lord.

He stated further from the Scripture that the Holy Spirit is interested in every area of our lives.

"The Holy Spirit is so careful to talk to you about every detail of your life. Most important of all, He wants to tell us of things to come. We have the advantage of the Holy Spirit to help us know things to come."

"Until you build a sound relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you will struggle as a Christian and this will affect our coming together." He added.

He then admonished all to surrender to the Lordship of Christ, commit themselves to the Word of God, and live the normal Christian life which is required of them by God.

The impactful exhortation was immediately followed by a short, but powerful prayer session by CAC Youth Officer, Pastor Samson Gbuyiro, who was the host minister of the day, as well as the Curate Pastor of the church, Pastor Sunkanmi Babatunde.

The choir in their beautiful robe rendered three powerful songs. GuysApala, Evang. (Mrs.) Grace Adeboye and Evang (Mrs.) Rachel Erinle also ministered. 

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