To maintain the fire in you, thread the old path, Pastor Abayomi urges Christians at 2021 Truth Conference

Pastor A.A. Abayomi

The Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary (CACTS), Ilesa Campus, Pastor A.A. Abayomi has told Christians that to maintain the fire in them, they must thread the old path. 

He noted that God does not change but He is looking for those who will stand for Him no matter the situation.

Pastor Abayomi who stated this while ministering at 2021 Truth Conference organized by CAC Praise Chapel, Ile-Ife, Osun State said in our generation, we rather approach God even with our disobedience but God is looking for those who will say ‘come what may, I will not disobey.’

He said that when we obey God He naturally pours Himself upon us, adding that today we want to take from the world and bring it to the Church. 

“Many Pastors are looking for crowd today and not for righteous people, they want Church account to be fat but not the Kingdom of God to increase. Our generation is not ready to wait, we want to run even God is not interested in what we’re doing. We prefer to disappoint God in the closet and showcase the success in deception in the public,” he added.

According to him, we need to go back to the old path, repentance is the first thing, then look for the old path and walk in righteousness this can only be done through serious and continual prayer. 

The Cleric further said;”Devil will always track you by what you like to preach against. When God focuses on a man devil also focuses on him. When God empowers you, those that want to flog you with demonic cane shall be flogged instead. This makes the life of David and Paul so challenging men of righteousness, men who have swallowed God.

“Faith Tabernacle; Ours fathers in faith who were members of faith tabernacle saw and hired in the raw power of God. Their exploits are innumerable, is it how God installed Akinyele, the king of Ibadan, whom during is coronation, some has charmed the horse he was to ride on, so that his back might be broken but Babajide was there, so he sang “oga ju aye lo o, oga ju aye oke lo, agbara nla toba ogo ni oga ju aye lo,” with this song, all people joined them and no evil happened. These men were able to defeat darkness because lived sanctified life, took the word of God serious and hear God consistently and act according to the leading of God.

2021 Truth Conference started with a prophetic Sunday on Sunday November 14, 2021, where not less than three prophets featured to bless God’s people. 

The second day was predominantly an outreach, the Ile-Ife correctional Service Centre was visited in the morning and were ministered to, the turnout was an encouraging one. The afternoon featured a gospel rally around the town of Ile-Ife. People landed in the church in the evening to intercede for the meeting.

Tuesday, being the third day started in the morning with free medical checkup and health talk. The health talk centered on effective children care, it was handled by Dr (Mrs) Funke who represented Dr Mrs. Olorunmoteni while the free medical check-up and counsel was handled by a team of health worker, headed by Mrs. Oyerinde. 

The evening of Tuesday witnessed the first Lecture on the Theme: ABLAZE FOR GOD- The spirit of revival. This message emphasized the fact that revival is not about jumping and clapping but a spiritual awakening emanating from within man to the outside. The three fold wings on which revival hangs were stressed, these include 1. Disasters e.g Israelites in bondage(Moses), pandemic (A.A Allen, 1930) 2. Burden/passions: this could come through history or testimony/prophecy. 3. Deliberate move of God: this requires men alignment with God in righteousness.

Wednesday, the 17thNovember was another power packed dose of the programme, the morning section featured the EXECUTIVE TALK on practicing Christianity in the world of corruption: top echelons dealt with different areas on this same topic, this include HRM Oba Julius Oluropo Fatanmi (The Olura of Ira Ikeji ), he expounded on the concept of being a Yoruba king and a sound Christian without compromise. Professor (Pastor) Rufus Adedoyin who is the President of Successful Christian Mission and the chairman SCM football club explained how a Christian can be in sport without spotting his/her garment. Professor Joshua Ojo, the president of living science foundation spoke extensively on covid-19 vaccine. Pastor Mrs Dunni Orioke, enlightened the congregation on striking the balance between the ministry and home. The evening was a great moment of praise to god in a grand style.  

The morning and the evening session of Thursday were fire fused, the seminar 2-the spirit and fire of revival was handled by Pastor Olalekan Daniel, this was closed with some eruptive prayers. 

The evening of Thursday was a remarkable one, it featured Rev’d Gbenga Kotila (Ignite, Ibadan) who ministered on the topic; Fire as of old (Mirroring the old time revival). T he encounter most of the participants had is better experienced than said this continued with the same minister on Friday morning but on another topic: the making of firebrand kingdom ambassadors.

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  1. Wow!
    Glory be to God. We will be a great firebrand for God in this dispensation and generation to come. We will walk in the ancient landmark. Spirit of God will help us.

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